Miss Finger Lakes 2012

Well, the time had come and I competed in my first Miss America Preliminary of 2012.

Interview was a disaster. I was asked one question off my fact sheet, one question about my platform, and the rest were generic, and very strange questions. I was asked which food I am the most like and why. Also What is my least favorite food, and what would I do if it was served while dining with the president. One judge asked me how has Queen Latifa and Ellen Degeneres shaped society’s image of beauty.  I don’t think I gave terrible answers for any of them, however I did do a terrible job of answering them. Each time someone asked a question I was so shocked I just stumbled on my thoughts and said some pretty ridiculous things.

Opening Number

The instructions said to wear a black dress with silver jewelry. I wore a black and silver dress. As it turns out, Miss Finger Lakes 2012 wore all silver, to stand out, and I stole her thunder. I felt back for a few moments there.

Lifestyle and Fitness

I still have a bit too much back fat for my liking. I’m not sure how to get rid of it, other than generalised healthy eating and fitness, so I will just have to improve that. As for my slant, I am very upset. I know it shouldn’t be used against me, but the judges don’t know about it. Unless I made my platform something about neuromuscular disorders and its affect on young people, or something along the likes, the judges will see my slanted poses and just feel as though I am not doing it correctly. I need to spend some time in the dance room at the college and learn how to somehow use the twist of my back to my advantage.

Evening Gown

I did not win, or even place. I did win the People’s Choice Award, but that does not make sense to me. It either shows which contestant’s family has the most money, or (if every audience member only got one vote) which contestant invited the most people. My family claim they did not put money in my bag, but I do not believe it.

With the father
With the mother
With the boyfriend

Apparently all of the text that I wrote between the photos were not important enough to publish with photos. I went back and wrote quick tidbits, but not as detailed. Boo, wordpress!


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