Miss Empire Rose/Empire Star 2012

The time had come again! I was ready for my second pageant of this season. March 6, 2012 was the Miss Empire Rose/Empire Star preliminary competition. I was waiting to post this until I had pictures, but then I found out that my mother’s camera received an error message everytime she tried, so there are none. So much for seeing what I did wrong so I can improve…

I had been spending more time at the gym, as well as my at-home fitness routine. I also purchased another tanning package, so I was bronzed like a Greek Goddess.

I left interview feeling very confident. They asked me a nice assortment of questions, varying from my platform to “where I see myself in 5 years” and my definition of success. I was able to make them laugh, and I did not ramble. I think I did very well, which was a major improvement from Finger Lakes. Lauren is halfway across the world, but they still asked my about my sister. I rocked it though. Janet, the director, sat in on the interview, and as she walked me out she noted how I “love my sister”.

Opening Number:
For opening number I wore a dress that my sister has worn in the past. Once again, I did not try something on, because it was ugly on the hanger, but once prompted I realised it looked really good. My OCD does not like that there is glimmer in the front, and nothing in the back, but I do not see the back, so I survived. There was no dancing; we walked in a circle and then walked back out. Then walked out one at a time, stood in a semi-circle, and introduced ourselves.

Lifestyle & Fitness:
My purple boy shorts make me look “like a 10 year old boy”, so the day before the pageant, my mom and I went swimsuit shopping. I found an adorable yellow one, that looked great. I wanted a bright color, since I am now tan and it would pop. But of course, my mom pulls out a black one that looks fabulous on me. So I will save the yellow for the beach. I am paranoid of flashing the audience my bottom goodies, which is why I avoided the bikini bottoms in the past. But it fit so will, and I felt great, so I really think my confidence was able to show through.

During rehearsal I had to practice my routine. Colleen, Miss Empire Rose 2011, told me that I should smile more. Since it is a slow, sad-ish song, I wasn’t smiling at all. But I chose some spots to smile and I think it was good. My only flaw was the new dress. I wasn’t able to hide my foot movements underneath it. With the last dress I would move my feet and the audience could not tell. This time they could see it, so I couldn’t appear like I was floating. I doubt anyone knew what Iw as trying to accomplish, but I’m sure the judges could see my confusion in my face. It was awkward because the judges were at a diagonal to me, and I could not find a good angle to show them, as well as the audience, without putting my backside to one or the other. I just need more time in front of a mirror, and watching the videos, to make it a truly entertaining experience, not just me standing there waving my arms.

Evening Wear:
This dress was also a problem. I have my favorite shoes that I am most comfortable in. I wish I could wear them for every event, but they are a bit too tall. The dress was just too short, so I had to wear shorter shoes. The shoes I chose have sparkle demons on top, and the dress has a soft interior. So of course, every time I walked it would snag and I would stumble. I like the white, I like the glimmer, but I need to find a shoe-lution.


Miss Empire Rose 12, Katelynn, Director, Janet, and Miss Empire Star 12, Danielle

There were two winners; Miss Empire Rose and Miss Empire Star. I am in full support of the two winners. Danielle has been competing forever, and has placed regularly but not won. She deserved it. And Katelynn has only been competing for two years, like me, but she is incredibly talented and beautiful. So I do not feel I deserved a crown over either of them.

However, I feel like I improved so much since my prior pageants, that I really wish I would have placed. I am not discouraged yet, but I just want some kind of proof that I am in fact improving. Don’t get me wrong, I would be devastated if I hit 24 and do not have a least one crown for my future daughters to play dress up with. I am two years left, so I’m going to make the best of it.


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