Miss New York International Pageant

This last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2012 Teen, Miss, and Mrs New York International Pageant, held at the Villa Roma resort in Callicoon, New York. Even though it is not the MAO system that I compete in, I am still very happy that I was able to go watch, and support some pageant sisters. Watching it opened my eyes so some improvements I could make in my own pageant career, but also I was able to support THREE MAO sisters!

Originally I planned to go and support Amanda, who competed in Empire Rose last year. She has been working very hard this year as Miss Albany Int’l, promoting her platform of Stopping Assault on College Campuses. Although I personally cannot say I have been assaulted at college, and I am very grateful, I went to a college where rape and assault was a lot more common than it was reported. I watched countless freshmen over my time there engage in activities they hadn’t in high school, put themselves in dangerous situations, and older students take advantage. All in all, her platform is very, very important.

The day before the pageant, I found out that Jesse was competing as well. Although I have not competed with her, she was the reining Miss Western NY, in the MAO system, and competed at the Miss New York pageant a few times. She came and supported us at the Miss Thousand Islands Pageant, sporting a sockbun (my favorite quick up-do/easy curl-do). I was excited to have two MAO sisters to support.

But then… when Lauren and I arrived, we saw that Vicky was also competing! I don’t think I competed with her, maybe my first Miss Finger Lakes Pageant, but she volunteers with the Finger Lakes pageant and choreographs opening number and helps out a lot. She is the nicest person I have met.

After my yard sale, which was slightly a huge bust because it rained Friday and had to be cut-short on Saturday, I zipped home to pick up my sister. We made the 3-hour journey downstate through the winding corkscrews until we finally arrived. It was a beautiful resort, and if I wear out my Upstate welcome in the hospitality field, I will certainly apply for a job there.

Three angelic girls, 8 beautiful ladies, and 3 fine women competed for the crown.

Miss competitors, Opening Number (Far Left: Vicky. Third from Left: Jesse, Third from Right: Amanda)

The pageant was in a showroom at the resort, with tables set up. We sat up front so I could take good pictures. Two older gentlemen sat at our table. While I was putting on makeup in the restroom, making friends with Teen Miss New Jersey’s mom, Lauren made friends with them. One asked her if her daughter was competing. Considering 4 years cannot conceive, no.

The Hosts

Judging was slightly different than MAO. For Teen and Miss, scores were 40% Interview, 20% aerobic wear, 20% fun fashion, and 20% evening gown. Mrs did not have the fun fashion, so the other categories were a bit higher.

Fun fashion was basically cocktail, for most of the girls. It was really fun to watch. One of the girls chose not to wear a cocktail, and instead wore what I believe to be a black bikini with holiday tinsel glued on it. Literally, it was a spaghetti strap black suit with a full back cutout and some silver dangles. I am not too sure how I feel about it.  Although they all had the same walking patterns, I recognized Jesse’s pivot and French turn from Thousand Islands, which was taken from Miss New York!

I can respect aerobic wear as a more respectful alternative to the Lifestyle and Fitness aka swimsuit category in MAO. However, these were the ugliest outfits I have seen in my life. The tops made every girl’s boobs look lumpy, and the bottoms gave them all camel-tow, and the high-waisted elastic tops gave even the tonest stomach a  strange roll and jiggles. Honestly, Amanda made the best choice wearing a one-piece. It was ugly, but the most flattering.

Next came onstage interview. Each lady came back out, in their interview outfit, and gave us some information on their platform, and then answered a question about it. The introductions were far too scripted for my liking, but what can you do? Half of the competitors did not answer the questions, but rather recorded the question with some adjectives. I did like how the reigning asked the competitors their questions.


Evening gown was similar to any MAO pageant. The ladies came out, most of them wearing white, walked in a circle  and left stage. Some of the gowns were super pretty and sparkly, which I enjoyed.

Soon enough, it was crowning. I did not think it was nice that with 8 competitors, they had 4th runner up. That meant more ladies placed, than didn’t.

Amanda: Aerobic wear, Fun Fashion, Evening
Jesse: Aerobic Wear, Evening, Fun Fashion
Vicky: Evening, Fun Fashion

In the end, it was Jesse who won the crown, and I couldn’t be more proud and excited.

Jesse, Miss New York International

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