Pageant Girl Fitness: Off Season

There is no “pageant season” and “off season”. This is just an illusion of our mind. But, when not directly preparing for a pageant, there is a phase of muscle growth that will help to increase metabolism, and improve gneral body image.

During the majority of the year, I work on increasing my muscle mass. Muscle burns fat, stops jiggle and looks great. This is done through 3 reps of 8 sets, of increasing high weights. If I can perform all 3 sets, I increase the weights the next day. See example below.

As shown above, on Day 1 (I track using dates) I was unable to achieve 8x on all 3 weights. I was able to fulfill this goal on Day 2, so I increased the weight. On Day 3 I was unable to achieve the goal, so… Day 4 would be the same weights again.

If you don’t push yourself, you will never succeed There are days where I struggle, and I will just barely reach my 8th rep. I want to repeat those weights the next day, but I push through and increase the weights. If you don’t sweat, you don’t gain.

I balance this with a high protein diet. As a leaf eater, I did sneak in some chicken when my muscles started to get very sore. However, as a whole, I added my extra protein from powder. As long as you are working hard, and putting forth genuine effort, protein powder will not make you fat. It is when you increase protein without tearing the muscles that fat results. but if your muscles tear (a sign of working hard) and you don’t increase your protein, your muscles will be incredibly sore in the morning. Sore muscles generally means you aren’t going back to the gym! Increasing protein helps to repair those muscles, and that causes growth.


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