Miss Thousand Islands 2014

Friday morning I packed my back and made the long hour trip to Watertown, to begin mentally preparing for the Miss Thousand Island 2014 pageant. My sister was not competing, as her job schedule heavily interfered, and so I made the trip alone. After checking into my hotel, I journeyed further north to Clayton, where the pageant itself was to be held. A quick stroll along the river, and a chat with some locals, and a pageant sister invited me to her local hotel.

There, I set up my raffle baskets!

My first basket was a “Running on Dunkin’ Basket”.  I purchased a Dunkin Donuts mug, and filled it with various Dunkin’ brand tea bags, and mini bags of ground coffee. My second basket was a lotto garden. I don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to bet that this made a lot of money. I spent nearly $20 on lotto tickets! I used floral foam as the base, and put each lotto ticket on a green pipe cleaner. Then covered each lotto ticket with a negative of a letter from the words THOUSAND ISLANDS. Finally I stuck a few silk flowers between them, and wrapped the base with a little vine. I thought it was super cute, plus had a high chance of a great payout.


Rehearsal went very well. We learned the Opening Number, went over details of the show, and even had a full run through! It was really nice to get to know the girls, as I had only competed with a few of them before.


I truly believe I had the best interview I’ve ever had. I was strong and convicted in my answers. I spoke slowly and clearly. I paused before answering. I thought I did a great job of answering the questions. Other than catching myself off guard with some of the echoing, I think I did a great job.

Some of the questions I was asked:

  • What it your opinion of the SAFE Act?
  • You live far from the Thousand Island region. How will you represent it?
  • How do you feel to not be competing with your sister?
  • How does your evening gown compare with your personality?
  • How did you get into pageants?

After two full run throughs, including a dress rehearsal, and lunch in the park, the gang went to the river for traditional photos. The looks from the tourists were so worth it. We were all dressed up like style icons from the past 60 years. Some people even took snapshots of us!



After dinner, we started getting ready for the great production we were all anxiously preparing for.

I truly love these girls!

I found Miss Thousand Island’s Outstanding Teen, Joelle, and the two princesses Julia & Vern backstage and couldn’t resist taking a quick picture. They are seriously great girls. All three of them will be a Miss girl someday, I have no doubts.


This is truly the meaning of sisterhood. Joelle, although Lonna’s “little sister”, filled the role of “big sister” as she secured Julia’s crown before we went on.


I cranked out the hot rollers! I think my hair is too long for them, and unfortunately I still had to use my straightener. And then the curls weren’t as big and voluminous as I wanted.  But I was very impressed with my makeup! I am usually horrible at putting on stage makeup, and Lauren has to rescue me. Thankfully, I had a lucky day! My hair and makeup looked good. I even puffed it up for evening, and pulled it into a high up-do. I was so impressed, for the first time with my hair!


Tradition follows suit! Backstage, just a few moments before we went on, our amazing host Brian took a photo of us in our opening number outfits.

Opening Number:

Our timing was off, and that made me off.  There was one part of the song where I knew the counts, but everyone was off. So I just stood there while everyone else did the wrong part. But then I looked worse than being off count. I’m super nervous to see the video. I’m pretty sure we sped through it so fast we had blurred lines like in cartoons streaming behind us.

My introduction was cute though! I think; I don’t actually remember what I said. Just that I forgot halfway through what I was saying.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am contestant number 1, Katherine Crandall but tonight I am portraying my namesake, Katharine Hepburn. I graduated from Paul Smith’s College of the Adirondacks. My platform is encouraging first time and developing lifetime blood donors.”

Lifestyle and Fitness:

I’m not going to lie, I have eaten far too many donuts lately. My body was not where I wanted to to be, but I still think I rocked the stage really hard. I wasn’t nervous, despite being far from my perfect me. I didn’t even use butt glue. Probably because I have eaten so many donuts and filled the bottom out more. I paired my Kat Von D tattoo coverup with Sally Hansen spray legs, over my residual spray tan. I think the tattoo was actually decently covered! At least I hope so. I will know better when I see the dvd, which is yet to be produced and released.


Despite the raked stage, I thought I did so well, even with wearing high heels. I was really into my character, and portrayed the story very well. I forgot some of the signs, which is strange because I was very versed in it before. I just moved my hands so fast that my mind couldn’t keep up.


The pageant’s theme was “Style”, and a runway had been added to the edge of the stage. during evening wear, we were to walk to the end of the runway. I found it very hard to keep a smile. I wanted to strike a straight face and be a runway model. Then, while on the runway, I was very uncomfortable, as I was literally standing over the audience. Despite all this, I thought I was able to keep my shoulders back, walk smoothly, and stay calm and poised.

On-Stage Question:

Do you believe that it is ok for parents to host a party where there will be underage drinking, if no one is allowed to leave the party.

Obviously I don’t agree with it. A law is a law for a reason, and there is no way that a few adults are able to take care and watch over a handful of teenagers. I think I spoke clearly, and spoke with conviction. I showed passion without showing anger. I was concise and to the point, and I am so pleased with my answer.


As always, we began the special crowning moment with some awards.

  • Highest Talent: Michela, hula
  • Highest Interview: Sarah
  • Miss Congeniality: Kristina
  •  Miracle Maker:  Kristina
  • Community Service Award: Madison

Then, the moment we were all waiting for…

3rd Runner Up: Madison
2nd Runner Up: Sarah
1st Runner Up: Michela
Miss Thousand Islands 2014 is… Olivia Grant


Me, Sarah & Madison after the pageant!

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