We Love New York: Vote for Nina Davuluri

Recently, as I’m sure you already know from my blog post about it, my sister and friend made the journey down to Staten Island and watched in excitement as my friend, Nina aka Miss Syracuse, was crowned Miss New York. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I have been routing for her since I met Nina during Miss Greater Rochester, which now seems like centuries ago!


Now, Nina has the challenge and pleasure of representing not only New Yorkers, but UPSTATE New Yorkers at the Miss America pageant. This year, Miss America is coming home. After moving to Las Vegas nearly a decade ago, the Miss America pageant is returning to the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And instead of being held in January, the pageant was pushed up to September 15th. Nina is clearly beautiful, talented, and smart (everything needed to become Miss America!), but two months is hardly any time at all to prepare!

So Click Here to Vote for Nina, and support Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, and help secure her place in the Top.

Although Nina was born in New York, and is representing NY in the pageant, she grew up in Oklahoma and Michigan, and has a touch of southern belle and mid-western girl in her; the diversity that Miss America should have. Speaking of diversity, during her reign Nina hopes to celebrate diversity through cultural competence. Not only would it be a great to share and teach, but being a first generation of Indian descent, Nina would be the first Indian Miss America. She has already served as Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen and placed as 1st Runner Up at Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. Nina has what it takes, she just needs to know we support her!

Three years ago, Claire Buffie, Miss New York 2010, won the honor of becoming People’s choice. Two years  ago, Kaitlin Monte, was second runner up in the competition and won a preliminary award. Then last year, Mallory Hagan became the fourth Miss New York to become Miss America in history. If we can vote Nina into the Top we could help New York gain TWO Miss Americas titleholders in a row.  New York has big expectations for our titleholder!


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