First Annual Miss Apple Festival




This past weekend was the 30th Lioness hosted Apple Festival in Central Square. Salt City Royalty was asked to host a Miss Apple Festival pageant, and of course they jumped on Board. Twenty-six beautiful girls between the ages of 1-12 showed up in their sparkles and tulle to walk across the stage. 



Each group had an age division queen; the highest scoring girl in each age division. Additionally, there was the highest title:  Miss Apple Festival. This title went to the girl with the highest score of any age.

26 beautiful girls!

The judges were great: Alexandra Curtis, Miss Upstate NY, Abby Hoag, SCR past winner, Jessica Patterson; Ms. Wheelchair, NY

There was also a photogenic award and recipient of the official Miss America’s Princess sash that Carrie and I brought with us back from Miss America in Atlantic City. This was $5 per entry, and went directly to Jessica’s trip to her National Pageant. She hand chose the winner! Linda, owner of Kaylee’s Krowns, also sold some of her hair pieces and bows at the pageant, contributing a total of $165 donation to her National Pageant expense fund.

The contestants’ entree fees, after the expenses of crowns, sashes, and prizes, were donated back to the Lioness Club of Central Square. Salt City Royalty donated $250 to the Lioness Ladies!

Liberty; Miss Apple Festival 2014 with Judge Allie (Miss Upstate NY 2013)  and Hostess Carrie (Miss Cambridge Mass 2013)
Liberty; Miss Apple Festival 2014 with Judge Allie (Miss Upstate NY 2013) and Hostess Carrie (Miss Cambridge Mass 2013)



After the pageant, my friend Michael came down from Oswego to catch up and hang out!


While enjoying the Apple Festival, we were stopped by the Christian Fellowship of Farmers booth. They gave us free walking sticks in exchange of two minutes of our time. During that two minutes they explained the color beads of salvation. We gave them that two minutes, but in all truth I didn’t want the stick and I’ll never get those two minutes back. I’m very comfortable with my faith.

I visited many of the booths, passing out application forms for PipLin’s Secret Santa Shopping Expo as well as recruiting sponsors for the Miss Syracuse Pageant. I was a double agent, shamelessly promoting!

We couldn’t resist buying fresh apple crisp and a pec of apples too!


I was already in Syracuse, so we decided to go to University Hill for lunch and check out the shops. The place we went for lunch was awful. The service was good, but the place smelled funny, the bathroom was dirty and there was a giant hair in the food. We won’t be returning. Thankfully, things got better when I found a SU cup. I have just recently started collecting college tumblers. This one looks like a Solo cup! I love it.



Delicious frozen yogurt!

Salted caramel pretzel yogurt with a rainbow of fruit, topped with coconut shavings!


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