SCR: Power of Love

It’s pageant season for Salt City Royalty. The 4th annual benefit pageant was held October 6th in North Syracuse where 28 beautiful girls and half a dozen of their moms competed for Royalty titles. This year the theme was the Power of Love. In addition to the standard Beauty category, contestants were able to compete in an outfit of choice; their personal expression of love.

There was also the cover model competition, held in advance. Contestants sent in a picture, and they were voted on and scored. The winner’s photo would be on the cover of the program book, as well as two runner ups;’ who would be on the back. Liberty won the cover model search, and graced the front cover. Alanah and Katelyn C. were both the back model winners.

So many great ladies came forward to help this year at the 2014 Salt City Royalty Benefit Pageant: Power of Love. Courtney, Miss Central New York drove all the way out from Amsterdam to serve as a Hostess and help with crowning. Adrienne and Anneliese, both going to school in the Albany area, came out to judge. And Jessica, Ms. Wheelchair NY came out to judge once again. Abby and Lily, both from the Syracuse area, also came out to hostess.

I was in the back tabulating scores. My friend Michael and Adrienne’s boyfriend Dan assisted in the tabulation. We had a great system going, with checks and rechecks to maintain accuracy. We had a majority of the scores totaled and many winners chosen before the intermission even started. During intermission the three of us joined Kristy and Linda, and snuck away from the crowd to put together the list of winners! So many girls were winning great prizes.

After intermission, three of the girls (including myself) who compete in the Miss America circuit performed their talent. This was an effort to show the girls a sneak preview of what Miss America is all about. Abby, was also hostessing with Courtney and will be choreographing the Opening Number dance at Miss Syracuse performed a dance to How To Save a Life, in honor of her friend who took his own life earlier in the month. Adrienne spun a poi routine to a techno remix called Lights. Then I performed Same Love in American Sign Language.


Crowning went really well! A lot of new faces won some great titles. The Princess and Queen sashes were all beautifully made by a volunteer. Those girls were truly Royalty. In addition to the Queen, Princess, and Duchess titles in both Beauty and Power of Love, and the Overall winners, there were awards given to the highest grade point average, most community service, most donation items for the local animal shelter, first family registered, and the Mom of the Year award and Best Pageant Dad award.

Overall Queen: Zoyee!
Overall Queen: Zoyee!

The proceeds from Salt City events stay within the community. After expenses, the proceeds are donated to local charities. This year, Salt City Royalty was able to donate $250 to Joey’s Friends Too and $200 to the Ronald McDonald House of CNY, from the already low entree fees. It was also able to donate $85 to Knots of Love from the entree fees of the Mom of the Year competition. Plus, the contestants all brought items to be donated to the CNY animal shelter. It’s great to see a small group make a big difference in the community.


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