Miss Finger Lakes & Upstate NY 2014


There is no rest for those dedicated to the pageant world! This weekend marked the second preliminary local of the main pageant season: Miss Finger Lakes! Once again, two titles were given out at the Local 1000 in Corning New York.

Nine beautiful ladies competed for the titles and the chance to represent Upstate New York and the Finger Lake Region at Miss New York. I went into it thinking I knew who would go home a winner, but as the night went on my opinion changed every category!

Opening Number:

Pic Credit: Olivia; Miss Thousand Islands 2014

I swear I learned the dance. I was confident with it too. Until I went out and suddenly I froze. So of course I rocked it out. My mom always yells at me when I dance in public. Maybe I should have taken her advice. Before I knew it I was doing some strange twerking of sorts. Miley’s got nothing on me. I can’t wait to see the video.

When it came to introductions we were supposed to give our name, school, platform and fun fact. My mouth decided to say what it wanted.

A graduate of Paul Smith’s College, where the men are big and the women are bigger; I’ve donated over two gallons of whole blood, and donate platelets every other Monday.

I then put my arms out like an airplane and flew back to my spot. I may have forgotten to give my name. But I doubt the judges forgot me.

Lifestyle & Fitness:

Rose and I with the escorts *Jon and Jimmy.

I decided to cover my tattoo this time. I think I did a good job too! I was pretty confident on stage. I just wish I knew how to pose better so that my pudge didn’t stick out. I have a bad habit of leaning back and pushing out my pooch.


I think my talent was my biggest disappointment. I know I could have done better. I forgot some choreography, my shoes slipped on the stage, and I rushed. I didn’t sign properly to the rhythm of the song. My facials were not correct with the song. I need to practice this the most, as it is worth the most points.

Onstage Question:

Although this had always been my favorite category, I wasn’t sold on my answer. I mentioned my sister and rambled. I should have mentioned my anxiety, mentioned my disability, and ended it. Instead I rambled. I’m bummed because this question was clearly designed for me. It was perfect. I din’t rock it like I should have.

What have you overcome in your life?

Other questions I could have also rocked were What do the songs on your iPod say about you and If you were a Disney Princess, who would you be and why? Both of them I could have destroyed. Especially since my *Prince was standing in the kitchen watching me.


Miss Congeniality: Lauren Crandall
People’s Choice: Rose Mclimans
Community Service: Sarah Hreyo

"Hold my hand, you lucky charm." -Desiree
“Hold my hand, you lucky charm.” -Desiree

Third runner up: Lauren Crandall
Second runner up: Sarah Hreyo
First runner up: Rose Mclimans

Miss Upstate New York: Madison Manuel
Miss Finger Lakes: Desiree Wiley

At the end of the night, I didn’t win. I didn’t place. I didn’t earn any awards. But it was still a great night. I made a great impression with the judges, gained valuable experience, and got to share the wonders of pageantry with Jon, the stair escort and my Prince. 

I am extremely pleased for Madison. She is an inspiration. Although she is still young, and this is only her first year competing, she has an incredible presence in the community and will make a huge splash at Miss New York. She actually competed as Miss Upstate’s Outstanding Teen before there was even a Miss upstate. She’s an extremely talents violinist, shes adorable, passionate and sweet. I think she would make a great Miss New York, and will serve well with her Upstate New York Title.

But I have said it before and I will say it again. If New York is going to have a three-peat, Desiree is our girl. So she will be having my vote come May. She is beautiful, talented, and an exceptional person inside and out. I have stood by her now twice as her name was called. I cant wait to see her compete at Miss New York; probably sitting next to her crazy awesome father.

Sisters are Forever

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