Miss Syracuse Triple Crown 2014

This year marked the first year in over a decade that a Miss Syracuse pageant was held here in New York. After Nina Davuluri, our current Miss America, won the state sweeper and claimed the title “Miss Syracuse”, she jumped straight to work forming networks with the community. After winning both Miss New York and then Miss America, it became clear that New York needed to bring back the local title that had now produced two Miss Americas, as well as nearly a dozen Miss New Yorks.

As an exciting bonus for Upstate Girls across the state, the newly developed Miss Syracuse Organization was able to gather enough sponsors and scholarship money to crown three Miss titleholders, an Outstanding Teen, award a plethora of non-finalist gifts, and give every contestant a gift bag of prizes.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to compete in, or attend the pageant. But last minute, literally while I was getting spray tanned, I decided I might want to be in the area in case Adrienne did well. I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate.

So my friend Michael and I made the hour long journey to the Palace Theater in Syracuse. We arrived moments before crowning, and though we knew better than to try to go inside, we were ready to celebrate.

Outstanding Teen
Academic Achievement: Molly
Miss Congeniality: Molly
People’s Choice: Amanda
Community Service: Amanda

And the winner is…
Syracuse’s Outstanding Teen: Amanda

There were many great prizes, donated by the highly supportive Syracuse community. Undoubtedly, every contestant went home a winner.




Academic Achievement: Jessica
Community Service: Sarah
Promising Potential: Jessica
People’s Choice: Abby
Miss Congeniality: Sarah
Model: Nina

Non-Finalist Awards
Talent: Bianca
Interview: Anna
Evening: Jessica
Lifestyle & Fitness: Lia

And the winners are…
2nd Runner Up: Sarah
1st Runner Up: Anastasia

Miss Erie Canal: Caitlin
Miss Salt City: Nina
Miss Syracuse: Adrienne

That’s right. I am so ecstatic. First Lauren wins Mohawk Valley. Now Adrienne wins Syracuse. My life is complete; vicariously.

We went out to Dennys after, like any good pageant girl would.

We have so many ideas already for appearances and service activities. I can’t wait to see Miss New York 2014 unfold.


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