Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Salt City

Miss Salt City 2014, Nina with her Princess, Arlena.

Being a titleholder is a great way to work with the community, which is part of the reason Nina Zesky decided to compete in her first pageant, Miss Syracuse 2014. Low and behold, she won, and now has the opportunity to spend the next 8 months promoting her platform of School Security.

School Security is important because it deals with children , who have enough distractions in school. She feels that it is the community’s responsibility to ensure they receive a safe education. She plans to travel to schools across the region to talk to the students about safety, and show them how they can make sure they are making proper decisions in regard to the security of their school. 

Nina only decided to compete three weeks before the pageant. She found herself doing a lot of last minute shopping, as well as filling her mind with news articles and current events. She encourages anyone to compete, because it is fun and builds confidence.

I should be Miss America because I am not going to be anything other then myself all the time. I love to laugh and be goofy. So if I was Miss America I would make sure everybody involved was having a lot of fun! I also know that I would spread my platform throughout the country and work to make schools safer nation wide.


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