Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Staten Island


Jamie-Lynn is no newbie to pageants.

In 2012 she snagged the Miss Staten Island title, after seeing it advertised in her high schools list of scholarship opportunities. She competed with the title at Miss New York, and made it as a Top Ten Finalist. She came back the following year as Miss Greater New York. This year, she had the unique opportunity to compete for Miss Staten Island, again. This time, if she won, she would become the first woman to ever hold the title twice. Well guess what; she did it. Round of applause to Miss Staten Island 2014.

This year she has a new unique platform, developed after supporting various events aimed at support and awareness for pediatric cancers.

Of the already small amount of federal funding for cancer research, only 4% is allocated for all childhood cancers combined. The number of pediatric cancer cases has risen 29% in the past 20 years. Still, treatments have not changed significantly in more than a decade and cure rates for some pediatric cancers remain below 50%. 

She now chooses to spend her year as Miss Staten Island “Inspiring Action Against Pediatric Cancer”. She has been planning a fundraiser event, to be called The HOPE Project, to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. She expects to have an audience of 450 people come out to attend the variety show and donate thousands of dollars towards the research goals set forth by the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. More information can be found on the eventbrite page!

Since the Miss America pageant moved home to Atlantic City, and Jamie  was (and still is) good friends with Nina, Miss New York, she traveled down to the coast of New Jersey to participate in the Miss America festivities. After the crown was placed on Nina’s head, she went back to the Miss America suite where she was joined by her close friends and family. Jamie, a close friend, made the cut and was invited back.

As the Miss New York pageant gets closer, Jamie is not only preparing for her fundraiser, but getting ready for the state competition.


I think preparing for a pageant is mostly about getting the right mindset. For me, it’s really about remaining positive and focusing on my goal.

Setting goals is nothing new. As a titleholder she has received substantial scholarships to pay for her college degree, but has also taken away skills and confidence from pageants that has helped provide her with a professional career almost immediately after graduation. The Miss America program truly changes the lives of every girl who competes, and helps develop them into leaders.

I’ve always believed it is not about the crown – it’s about what you do with it. Miss America should be someone who treats each and every title as equally important. I’ve put my all into every title that I have held because the crown holds so much power to make a difference and that should never be wasted. That’s why I should be Miss America – because I will show everyone that Miss America is not a “beauty pageant.” It is an outlet for strong, intelligent, community-oriented women to change the world.


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