Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Syracuse

Some girls start competing in pageants from the time they’re children or teenagers, or use it as a natural transition from dance or theater. But this was not the case for Adrienne. Actually, she competed in her first pageant simply to check it off her bucket-list. But the contestants went out of their way to make her feel welcome, and the experience was positive in the fact that it motivated her to stick with it and continue to compete. Endurance is worth it, as she is now Miss Syracuse 2014.


During here year of service, she is dedication her time to promoting education about the environment, and awareness regarding the struggles faced across the globe. Rather than simply spew information at kids and adults, she hopes to provide them with tools to make the world a better place. Although she hasn’t had time to make any appearances yet, she was just crowned, she has a lot of great ideas. One specific idea is an eco-based adventure game, that teaches the lessons through fun.  Although other titleholders have held environmentally based platforms across the country, she may in fact be the only Miss New York contestant this year who focuses on the environment, rather than a cause more directly related to people.

Often times, you will not see Adrienne without a small notebook, especially as she prepares for Miss New York. She is constantly making to-do lists her time. This will help her when she is no longer competing, because she is used to setting goals and completing them. As a direct result of competition, Adrienne has been able to achieve personal goals that she may not have been inspired to even start, if not through the dedication of her platform. These projects are great resume builders, and have helped her receive great career opportunities .

When Nina Davuluri won Miss America, Adrienne was in the audience (sitting behind Lance Bass) cheering her on. But one day she hopes to be the first Miss America with an environmental platform. She hopes to take the Miss America title and make it the role of an ambassador of change, and increasing public awareness of issues. The environment and its natural resources are far more important than we lead on, and effect international relations and our economy. Winning would allow her to make a difference not only in our country, but in the world.