“Hold my hand, you lucky charm.”

Looking back at competing in local Miss America preliminary pageants, I began to realize that I had often been standing next to the girl who won, as her name was called and she stepped forward to receive her crown and sash. Two specific incidences stood out to me: Finger Lakes 2013 and the Crown City Sweeper in 2014.


While standing on stage at Miss Finger Lakes 2014, Desiree took my hand and whispered, “Hold my hand, you lucky charm.” This was because she was standing next to me the year before when she was crowned Miss Empire Rose 2012. She ended up winning Miss Finger Lakes 2013.

At the Crown City Sweeper, I turned to Claudette just after Jillian and Jamie were called and said, “I’m standing next to the winner. You’re next.” She actually argued for a few moments, telling me her interview and talent did not go well. Bull. She was crowned Miss Heart of New York 2014.

I decided to go back and take a deeper look and go back and count every instance where I stood next to the winner.

Finger Lakes 2011

  • I honestly don’t remember the lineup, but I did sit next to Charlotte in the dressing room.

Mohawk Valley 2011

  • Lynn was contestant #1, and did not stand by me.

Finger Lakes 2012 (1)

  • Lorna stood next to me. (She eventually gave up her crown to Caitlin 1RU)

Miss Empire Rose/Star 2012

  • Neither of the winners stood next to me

Miss Thousand Islands 2013 (2)

  • Lonna stood to my right

Miss Finger Lakes 2013

  • Allie stood next to Lauren, who stood next to me.

Miss Empire Rose 2013 (3) (4)

  • After Courtney (who stood to my left) was called as a runner up, Mary (who now stood to my left) won Empire Star. Then Desiree, who stood to my right, won Empire Rose. Thats right… both girls stood by me.

Miss Mohawk Valley 2013

  • Amanda did not stand by me

Miss Central NY 2014

  • Courtney did not stand by me

Miss Thousand Islands 2014

  • Olivia did not stand by me

Miss Flower City 2014 (5)

  • After the runner ups were called, Anneliese was to my right.

Miss Finger Lakes 2014 (6) (7)

  • Madison was to my left
  • After Madison was called, Desiree was to my left

Miss Mohawk Valley 2014

  • Lauren did not stand next to me. Heather stood between us.

Miss Empire Rose

  • None of the titleholders stood next to me

Cortland Sweeper (78)

  • Claudette stood to my left

So I was standing next to 8 of the 24 girls who were crowned at the 15 pageants I’ve competed in. That’s literally 1/3 of them.

Does that make me a lucky charm? Possibly. There weren’t nearly as many as I thought, which was disappointing.


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