44th Marathon Maple Festival



While at the reception following the Crown City Sweeper Pageant, I was invited out to attend the 44th annual Maple Festival help in Marathon, NY.  I am very excited, as it came at a bitter sweet moment in my life. The Miss NY class of 2014 is now complete, and I did not win a title. I will not be competing at Miss New York this year, or ever, as it was my last year of eligibility. I am now a Pageant Godmom. The invitation to speak at the festival affirms that I do not need to win a title to make a difference in the community. I am a public speaker, advocate, and community servant, and I don’t need a crown or sash to do any of this.

It’s official– I’m an entertainer!

I was joined in the Southern Tier with Bianca, a fellow Pageant Godmom, and Emma, a pageant sister. Both had competed at the sweeper, as well as the Miss Syracuse Pageant, and were eager to discuss their involvement. We realized as soon as we were in the same room that, without a memo, we had all worn leggings and boots! It’s too bad we didn’t get a picture of that, as it would have been adorable.

Thank you, Rince Sonas Irish Dancers!
Emma discusses why competing is “worth our time”
Bianca discusses the importance of Diversity & Cultural Competency

After we spoke, a folk band took the stage while we explored the festival. There were sweet potato chips, maple cotton candy (and maple everything else in the world), games and contests, crafts and vendors, and even a Maple Queen. Maybe she will be the next Miss Southern Tier…


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