Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Central New York



In 2010, Courtney Sheridan was 1/3 of the first time in Miss America history that three sisters competed against each other in a State pageant. She was Miss Empire Rose 2010, after having competed the prior as Miss Fulton County 2009. Two years later she took the stage a 3rd time as Miss Mohawk Valley 2012. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Courtney has done it again. This past summer she was crowned the very first Miss Central New York and will represent the core of the Empire State at Miss New York.

Whether or not she is preparing for a pageant, Courtney tries to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle by eating clean and staying active. She frequently attends mock interviews to help improve her first impression with the judges. Interview is very personal, and is a great way to let her personality shine through

For some, the personal platform aspect of pageants is a way for contestants to live the life they are promoting, but for Courtney, she is advocating against the life she already lived. For two years she allowed herself to be in an unhealthy relationship and now stands as a survivor of domestic violence. In an effort to push through this past pain, she has made it her goal to not only raise awareness and prevent others from feeling that pain, but also works diligently to have legislation passed to put stricter regulations and punishments for offenders.  She recently spoke at the Mary Kay Domestic Violence and Cancer Fundraiser as the headline speaker, as a survivor. During her year, she hopes to host a Rally for Domestic Violence as a fundraiser for local domestic violence shelters, while raising awareness of this very important cause. She will also be petitioning to get new legislature introduced and passed, to protect and prevent victims.

I should be Miss America because I truly represent every aspect of the crown (though my sisters might argue the style). I love this program and want to represent it to the best of my ability while at the same time being able to make a difference in this crazy world that we live in. I’m so passionate about my platform and I know that that passion can carry me all the way to the top.  If you believe in yourself then the battle is half won. Competition isn’t about being the best out of everyone, it’s about being YOUR best and letting the chips fall where they may.

Although Courtney only has one more year to compete; earning scholarships for and somehow balancing nursing school, she has been touched by this Organization and will not let the experiences become a part of her past. She will remain involved, initially as a coach, and hopefully later as a local executive director. No matter if she’s on stage with a crown on her head, or out in the community with her crowns back on her desk, Courtney Sheridan is the essence of what a titleholder is all about.


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  1. Courtney, you should come speak at UC about your domestic violence experiences! Kuddos to you girl for speaking out!

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