Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Finger Lakes


The first time Desiree Wiley stepped onto the Miss New York stage in 2010 as Miss Buffalo, she went home as the third runner up. She came back in 2011 as Miss Niagara, where she dominated both the preliminary competition and finals night. Desiree took home a prelim award for both evening gown and lifestyle and fitness, and walked away as Fourth runner up. Last year, she returned once again as Miss Empire Rose, and took the third runner up spot once again. They say third time’s a charm, but this will be New York’s chance at a third Miss America, so who better to help us break this record than the girl who has shown us time and time again that she’s got what it takes?

One of the strongest driving forces in Desiree’s desire to compete is linked with her personal platform, Education Changes Everything. As a student, she not only realized the importance of an education but experienced first hand the expenses, and realized that every student has unique learning habits. The scholarships she’s earned from competing have helped her pay for her personal college expenses, but competing has also given her the opportunity to get out into the community and express the importance of an education system reformation. The current education system here in New York is flawed, and does not allow each student to thrive is his or her own way. As a titleholder, she aims to make a difference and improve the education of NY students.

Even though Desiree’s favorite part of competing is talent, her passion may just lie in the public speaking aspect. When she’s not promoting her platform, the Miss America Organization, or raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network, Desiree is probably speaking to thousands of viewers on WKBW-TV News. Not only is she a journalist herself, her career aspiration, but she recently held a media workshop to inspire others to pursue their dreams as well, and gave youth a peek into the professional world. She hopes that Buffalo State College, her alma mater, will invite her back to speak at commencement, and inspire young adults who will be sitting in the exact spot she was in just a few years ago.

A word of inspiration?

You can only do what you tell yourself you can do. So if you think you can’t, you can’t. If you think you can, you can.

If anyone can stand on the Miss New York stage and represent persistence, endurance, and passion, it is Desiree Wiley. Hopefully, her fourth time vying for the crown will be the time she takes it home. Why? “…because I’m super girl and I’m here to save the world.”


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