Miss Teen Albany 2014



Last week I happened to see a tween from Amanda Daley, the current Miss New York American Nation about tickets to the 2014 Miss Teen Albany pageant that she was judging. She had judged the interview that day, and would return the next for the on stage portion. I can’t shake my pageant bug, so of course I jumped on it. I put on a cute dress and drove to the Empire State Plaza to see who would represent our area at the 2014 Miss Teen Nationals!

The pageant itself was at The Egg, but there was a dance competition down in the concourse. I arrived early so I watched some ballet en point, hip hop and a few lyrical performances. I wish I had danced when I was still … able.


Some of the judges and sponsors left information about their services at a table by the line. If you look close you can see Amanda’s autograph card.




The ticket was so cute. I wish all admission tickets were pink with sparkles!

20140505-223638.jpg 20140505-223628.jpgThe trophies were huge, and the sashes were nice too. Although the format was very different than I was used to, I really enjoyed being in the audience. I took notes on almost every girl. Maybe of the Top 10 I called from the very beginning.

I can’t wait to see what lays ahead in my pageant future!



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