Springfest Pageant

Each year the Miss Mohawk Valley Scholarship Organization hosts a pageant at the annual St. Johnsville Springfest, mostly as a fundraiser but also as a great opportunity for the local girls to get involved with pageantry and build their confidence. Lauren, the current Miss Mohawk Valley, invited me out to tabulate the scores. Although I was first invited to compete, I humbly turned down the opportunity to win a crown (side note, no one in my age group had registered, so I would have automatically won) in exchange for the opportunity to do what I enjoy most: tabulating.

The Springfest was sponsored by the St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce, at the OppenheimEphratah-St. Johnsville Central School. They were so nice, and even sent a represenative down to speak about the Springfest events this weekend. Although the Springfest isn’t an official preliminary to Miss New York, many of the girls will eventually compete in Miss Mohawk Valley or Miss Fulton County. They are all future Miss Americas!



Although admittance was free, Lauren and Polly (her Poochie&C0) sold 50/50 raffles and chicken bbq tickets. The winner of the 50/50 went home with $41.50, and the other half was donated to the Miss Mohawk Valley Scholarship Fund.



The beautiful crowns, sashes and trophies that all of the contestants went home with



I helped get the girls in numerical order. The youngest girl was only 3 years old!



Right before intermission, a local police officer came and put the director, Laurie Jean, in handcuffs! He said that she would not get released unless the audience paid enough bail money to benefit the St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce. Thankfully, the audience donated another $51 to her bail money, and she was able to announce the winners.



Springfest Sweetheart: Jaylynn

1st RU: Jenna 2nd RU: Audrina

Little Miss Springfest: Nevaeh

1st RU: Brooke

Junior Miss Springfest: Lillian

1st RU: Carolyn 2nd RU: Kaylee

Teen Miss Springfest: Shyann

1st RU: Gabriella  2nd RU: Bethany


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