Titleholder Tuesday*: Miss Cosmopolitan

Young ladies generally have seven years to compete for the title of Miss New York. There are seven years to secure a local title and vie for the Miss New York title. This is only Christina Moore’s fourth time at the state pageant, but she’s ready to take it to Miss America.

In 2011, Christina competed in Miss New York as Miss Brooklyn. She came back in 2012 as Miss Verrazano, when Mallory Hagan took the crown. She flew out to Las Vegas and watched Mallory take the national crown. Last year, she shared the stage with Nina Davuluri as Miss King’s County, and drove down to Atlantic City to see Nina take the national crown. So, next weekend she will be joining her pageant sisters as Miss Cosmopolitan, and hopefully they will be making the trip down to support her as Miss New York.

Why did you start competing in MAO locals? My journey in the Miss America Organization began by chance! I was in a dance performance my freshman year of college when someone suggested I should get involved in MAO. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but looking back on these last 4 years I can say with the utmost pride that taking a chance on this organization was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It changed the course of my life COMPLETELY and in the best way possible. I learned how much I love to teach, became an advocate for Sarcoma, am now on track to start my own not-for-profit, have met people from all over the United States and have made life long friends who I cherish. Safe to say I have already won in so many ways!

Why is your platform unique? My platform Performers With A Purpose, Bringing Sarcoma Awareness Center Stage is a unique combination of my love of dance and my love for my aunt Josephine Schiavo; a stage 4 sarcoma cancer survivor. Through this program I am able to teach dance to students ranging from Kindergarten to High School and use dance as a tool for educating our youth about Sarcoma. This is a multidimensional initiative it raises support & awareness for sarcoma cancer, puts kids in the driver seat, as they are the ones bringing light to this disease AND it gives students a greater appreciation for the performing arts.

What has been your favorite appearance or service event so far this reign? I am most in my element when I get to be in the driver seat, so for me this year my favorite service event thus far has been, Cabaret For The Cure, my variety show that took place at the Cutting Room in NYC on April 29th. The event brought in 28 performers, including USO Show Troupe Members, a finalist from the VOICE, Jeff Samaha Theater Productions, Members of the Miss NY Class of 2013 & 2014, Miss NY, Amanda Mason, incredible Sarcoma Survivor and performer Evan Ruggiero (to name a few) and a crowd of over 200 people. The proceeds benefited three incredible sarcoma organizations that I have worked with over these last 4 years, The Sarcoma Alliance, The Sarcoma Foundation of America and Frankie’s Mission.

What appearance or service event would you like to do most before the end of your reign? Currently planning a visit with Cohen Children Medical Center. I have encountered so many sensational children throughout my years in MAO am I hoping to have the opportunity to work with the kiddies over at Cohen’s and host a dance workshop day with them .

Which is your favorite phase of competition? Talent! Dance is a huge part of not only my platform, but a huge part of who I am as a person. When I get the chance to perform on stage, every worry melts away, every ounce of self-doubt fades and I get to live in the moment and own the stage!

How do you prepare for pageant (either local or state)? Act like you have already won! Now that doesn’t mean walk around with an ego the size of Canada . . . What I mean is embody the spirit, the dedication and the work of a titleholder. Develop your platform, work closely in your community and be confident in what you bring to the table. This way, when you have the opportunity to serve as a local, state or national titleholder you have already paved a successful road for yourself . . . all you have to do is expand on it!

What advice do you have for a girl who thinks she can’t compete in pageants? GO FOR IT! Growing up I was the girl with the bad eyebrows and braces, never once did I think to myself –you know, I would be perfect for a “beauty pageant.” But, I wanted to challenge myself, so I rolled my nerves up in a ball, threw ‘em out the window and gave it a shot!

My first few pageants, I was terrified and had not a clue what I was doing, but I refused to let self-doubt and fear hold me back! Got knocked down a few times, but man was it worth it. This organization has helped shape me into a well-rounded, ambitious woman that I am really proud to be. So I repeat GO FOR IT!!! Toss the negative thoughts aside, be the best version of YOU and own it!

What do you plan to do with your experiences after you age out of MAO? Aging out for me is not the end of my journey in MAO. Yes, the chapter might be over, but I have a BOOK of memories and experiences that will last me a lifetime. I am on track to turn my platform Performers With A Purpose into a not-for profit organization and shall continue my work with the Sarcoma Alliance, The Sarcoma Foundation of America & Frankie’s Mission. My commitment to my community, to my platform and to my sarcoma advocacy work won’t change, the only difference is I will get to leave the crown and sash at home

Why should you be Miss America? I did not get involved in this organization thinking, “I want to be Miss America.” It might sound odd since for most women that is the ultimate goal when competing in MAO, but attaining the national title wasn’t my driving force. I wanted to better myself as a young woman, get back into a competitive environment, serve my community and be an advocate for Sarcoma Cancer. For 4 years I have had the privilege of experiencing all the things I set out to accomplish in MAO and for me that is all I could ever ask for. Do I think I am capable of being Miss America? Yes! Would I rock the title and give it 150% of me? Absolutely! Could I be the pint size, spunky Miss A with some sass on the side? You betcha! But you don’t need to win Miss America to embody what she stands for


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