Class of 2014 Predictions

It is incredibly difficult to judge a pageant. I have only judged once, and it was one of the most stressful community service event of my life. I have also audited many Salt City Royalty and Little Miss pageants, and know first hand how difficult it is to make sure that the right girls go home with the right crowns. Thankfully, my predictions don’t make any impact on the reigns of the girls.

Having competed in most of the pageants that the local NY titleholders competed in to win their crowns, I have been able to see them in action both on stage and behind the scenes. I think this gives me an advantage in my ability to make predictions. I am, of course, just a normal person with no baring on the actual competition. While I pride myself on my keep observation and attention to detail, I am not affiliated with Miss New York in anyway other than a former contestant.

Every young woman has earned her spot on the Miss New York stage fair and square, and I do not have an intentions of tearing down those who do not make my lists. Naturally, I have my biases, but I have tried very hard to base my predictions on objective details of personal interactions. No predictions are based on what anyone has told me, but only what I have seen or heard of the contestant myself. I only wish to share my personal opinion, and I encourage you to share yours in the comments below.

I may be right. This doesn’t mean the contest is rigged. I may be wrong. That doesn’t mean I won’t try again next year.

I’m only human, and my crown is invisible.

These predictions are after preliminaries. Who knows how finals will turn.

My Top Ten















      Jamie M





My Top 5









    Jamie M

This was even harder for me to decide without actually seeing the “Top 10” compete. Once I am at the pageant and see the actual Top 10, I will have a better chance at choosing an accurate Top 5.

Remembering last year, Kira and Desiree are very dominant of the stage. They make sure that you are watching them when you are in the audience. Desiree has a strong talent, Kira has an effortless stage glow, which puts their ranking on On Stage Question. Desiree hasn’t had the strongest OSQ, but her new job may have improved that. I think ranking, when it comes down to it, will finally go to Desiree because Kira (although super cute) doesn’t appear to be multifaceted and may be best only at promoting the Organization. Christina is very fierce, but doesn’t stand out. She will score consistently, and make Top 5, but when it comes to ranking she won’t stand out in the judges minds. Jillian and Adrienne have similar talents, which could swap Adrienne out of the Top if she doesn’t do well with that. Both come from out of state, which won’t look good in the ranking, should they decide to go home during their reigns. I think Jillian’s experience paired with her height and natural beauty may persuade the judges. Stephanie impressed me much more than last year. Cat has a strong talent and interview but her confidence everywhere else might effect ranking. I was so very impressed with Olivia; she has what it takes to win. Jamie M. Has an advantage with her placement and local support. I hope she pulls through.



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