Miss NY 2014 Preliminaries Review

Opening Number: The choreography was simple enough. The highlight was on the male dancers and the singers.

On Stage Question:
The girls all submitted questions to ask their peers. This was neat, except some girls submitted far more than others and one girl drew her own.

Nina, Salt City (submitted by Katelynn, Empire Capital Region): What is one current event in NY that has effected your platform.
-Nina stumbled over her words before choosing Sandy Hook. Although she defended her answer well, this shooting was not recent nor took place in NY.

Olivia, Thousand Islands (Kira, NYC): Is there ever a situation when it’s ok to bend the truth.
Absolutely not. I liked her conviction in her answer.

Emily, Fulton County (Adrienne, Syracuse): What is one goal you have for the next year.
To have fun and my Miss New York moment. She spoke very well, but her answer did not feel genuine.

Courtney, Central New York (Madison, Upstate): If you could add a fifth point, which would it be.
Academic Achievement. She tried to explain the difference between that and scholarship, and went over in time.

Adrienne, Syracuse (Nina, Salt City): Who is the most influential woman in the media?
-Michelle Obama. Smart and classy.

Katelynn, Empire Capital Region (Sarah, Empire Star): What makes your platform different from the rest.
-No other Miss NY or Miss America with a suicide awareness platform.

Madison, Upstate NY (Lauren, Mohawk Valley): What is your definition of success for a modern woman?
– Being fearless and taking charge

Anneliese, Flower City (Claudette, Heart of New York): What are the qualities of a strong woman.
-Be fearless and confident. Mostly confident.

Jillian, Southern Tier (Stephanie, Richmond County): Do you think a second language should be taught in school?
-Absolutely. I’d love to learn Spanish.

Jamie H, Liberty (Sarah, Empire Star): What is your life motto?
-If you’re not beautiful on the inside, you’re not beautiful on the outside.

Desiree, Finger Lakes (Stephanie, Richmond County): Why is your platform relevant?
-Public school is struggling to prepare students for successful careers.

Sarah, Empire Star (Caitlin, Erie Canal): Do you believe people should be drug tested to receive federal assistance?
-Absolutely. If you have to be tested for a job you should be tested.

Kira, NYC (Sarah, Empire Star): What is your favorite thing about being a New Yorker?
Everyone lives in harmony. There’s diversity and I’m part of that. My heart beats for New York. Decent answer, but New Yorkers are from the state as a whole not just the City. She was rushed.

Caitlin, Erie Canal (Kira, NYC): How does Miss America remain relevant today?
-Empowering women. Takes local women and makes them powerful.

Julia, Metropolitan (Emily, Fulton County): Do you think parents should monitor social media?
-Absolutely. It can stop cyber bullying.

Christina, Cosmopolitan (Desiree, Fingerlakes): Which qualities will bring you he title of Miss New York?
Born and raised in New York with spunk and sass.
She then mentioned how much money she’s raised for CMN and Sarcoma and how she’d raise money for Miss NY Org. Strongest OSQ.

Stephanie, Richmond County (Jillian, Southern Tier) What has been the most rewarding moment of your life?
-It hasn’t happened yet

Claudette, Heart of New York (Anneliese, Flower City): If you could change one thing about the government what would it be?
-Make it harder for the two groups to filibuster so more gets done.

Lauren, Mohawk Valley (Christina, Cosmopolitan): What is one of your strengths that has become a weakness?
-Hard working interfere with social life, friends, and family.

Cat, Empire Rose (Adrienne, Syracuse): Should title holders be held accountable for social media?
-It’s important regardless of title. What you post is there forever.

Jamie, Staten Island (Claudette, Heart of NY): How has Miss NY shaped you?
-Started 5 years ago, became more confident, has been a wonderful journey.



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