Miss NY’s Outstanding Teen 2014

Fifteen girls from across New York came down to Staten Island to represent their hometowns and compete for the chance to represent their state in Orlando, Florida at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Competition this summer.

The young ladies competed in a private interview, as well as rocked the stage in lifestyle and fitness, talent, and evening gown with on stage question. 

Lifestyle & Fitness

The ladies came out to the song Wings by Little Mix, where they showed us their spunk and attitudes, and showed off their healthy lifestyle. Sketchers sponsored this category, and each girl received a pair of capri pants, a Sketchers tee shirt, and super cute sneakers to model.

Olivia, Mohawk Valley.
Amanda, Syracuse.
Cady Ruth, Flower City.
Libby, CNY


Much like the Miss girls, each Teen had 90 seconds to wow the judges and the audience, Honestly, I was impressed with many of them as though they were competing with me! Most of them had far more talent that I dreamed of having. 

Olivia, Mohawk Valley OT tap danced to Booty Swing. I thought it was very adorable. She had a polka dot dress with a headband, much like Rosie the Riveter. She had tons of facial expression, and a super adorable smile.

Amanda, Syracuse OT danced ballet en pointe with a fan. I had seen her perform before, but was still very impressed. She had a beautiful red and black costume, which was very classic. She had amazing footwork, and spent the entire dance en pointe. It was incredible foot work.

Lauren, Tottenville played the flute. She did not use a backtrack, and read from sheet music, but the song was pretty nonetheless. She wore a very cute pink hi-low dress. 

Cady Ruth, Flower City played the violin. She was wearing a stunning yellow hi-lo dress with ruffles. She chose an upbeat song, without a backtrack, but got the audience to clap along. 

Sarah, Empire Star sang A Change in Me from Beauty and the Beast. She was wearing a simple red gown, but it fit the music. She has a good voice for Broadway; I would like to see her move around more when she competes in Miss.

Jennifer, Time Square sang Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. She wore a traditional Native American costume, which leads me to believe she did not have much experience or assistance when prepping, as its not standard pageant attire. However, her voice was good, once she pushed past her nerves.

Dominique, NYC singsanging For the First Time in Forever from Frozen. She sounded great, just like the song. I think she needs to find a song that better highlights her talent though, as the song doesn’t have a broad range.

Alexa, Staten Island performed a jazz dance to I Gotcha. She wore a full sequin top, and had good energy. 

Alia, Rochester danced ballet to a Bluebird song from Beauty and the Beast. She is very tall and graceful, and wore a very pretty blue tutu.

Libby, CNY performed a hoop dance. She used an orange poly hoop to a mixed song remix, and wore a crop top and patterned pants. I would have liked to see a more modern song, and a costume closer to that of a dancer. Also, judges don’t know that a poly hoop is harder to spin than a heavier one, so she should have used one that she was more confident with. The routine had much potential. 

Haley, Empire Rose sang God Help the Outcasts from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She wore a super cute, very colorful dress. She was very nervous, and I think this caused her to hold back. 

Joelle, Thousand Islands sang a Martina McBride country song. She wore a sparkle top with a skirt, and cowboy boots. I liked the lyrics, and understand what she was trying to do, but I don’t think the song was in her vocal range. 

Charista, Richmond County played a classical piano piece. I was very impressed.

Kimberly, Upstate NY performed a clogging routine to an Avicci-Wake Me Up remix. Her footwork was very quick. She wore a full sequined pantsuit with spaghetti strap top. 

Morgan, Fulton County dancing ballet en pointe to another Beauty & the Beast song. She reminded me of Didi from Dexter’s Laboratory. She has incredibly long, lean legs. 

Olivia, Mohawk Valley
Amanda, Syracuse
Cady Ruth, Flower City

Evening Gown & On-Stage Question

Olivia, Mohawk Valley wore a beautiful Cinderella gown.
Q: Have you ever been home sick? If so, what did you do?
A: Hot soup and a hot bath. Anything hot to let off some steam.

Amanda, Syracuse wore a blue halter with glitter sprinkling down.
Q: What would you like to be famous for?
A: My acting of course,  but also to share my platform.

Lauren, Tottenville wore a classic pink  gown with a rear bow.
Q: Which character a book are you most like?
A: Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars

Cady Ruth, Flower City wore a simple lavender gown with glittery capsleeves.
Q: Where would you take a foreign exchange student?
A: Our nation’s capital. 

Sarah, Empire Star wore a very nice pink ombre gown with a low V back.
Q: What is your best birthday memory.
A: 16th in Disney. Mom surprised me with my friends.

Jennifer, Times Square wore a stunning purple ball gown with rhinestones.
Q: What is great about your state?
A: There are so many open wild places to go, from Niagara Falls to NYC. 

Dominique, NYC wore a strapless blue gown.
Q: What do you think is the perfect age, why?
A: 13. It’s when you are maturing and realizing who you are.

Alexa, Staten Island wore a blue Grecian gown, with one shoulder.
Q: If you could have 3 famous friends, who would they be?
A: Listed Yankee players 

Alia wore a beautiful pale lace gown.
Q: Would you rather work alone or in a group?
A: With a group because there is more ideas

Libby, CNY wore a great yellow mermaid, but her feet were visible.
Q: If you could trade places who would it be, and why?
A: Miss America

Haley, Empire Rose wore a stunning blue mermaid with glitter on top and feathers in the skirt.
Q: If you could change one personality trait
A: Wouldn’t change anything.

Joelle, Thousand Islands wore a mulitoned-purple strapless mermaid.
Q: What is the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?
A: Being asked to represent Thousand Islands at MNYOT twice

Charista, Richmond County wore pink sparkly dress with an illusion neckline.
Q: What is the best class you’ve ever taken
A: Integrated algebra. I took it a year early.

Kimberly, Upstate NY wore an ice blue mermaid with a lace top and rhinestone accents.
Q: Hardest thing you’ve ever done
A: Stood up to her best friend who had been bullying her for many years

Morgan, Fulton County wore a gorgeous red glittery gown with cap sleeves and a high neckline but an open back.
Q: Who is your fave female athlete?
A: Alex Morgan. Has great abs.

Haley, Empire Rose
Charista, Richmond County


Olivia, Mohawk Valley
Amanda, Syracuse
Haley, Empire Rose
Sarah, Empire Star
Alia, Rochester



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