Miss NY 2014

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my fourth Miss New York pageant, to have the honor of seeing who will represent our Empire State this year in Atlantic City at the Miss America 2015 pageant. Twenty-One girls came to Staten Island to represent their regions, and vie for this prestigious title. Also, fifteen young adults came down to compete for the title of Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen.

Every girl had the opportunity to compete during the preliminary competition on Friday, but only 5 Teen girls and 10 Miss girls were invited back to the stage on Saturday evening. Each girl did wonderfully, and represented her home region well. I had competed with all but six of the girls during my three years competing, and I am incredible proud of them all. I went there with my own ideas of who I wanted to win and who I thought would win, but the results were up to the judges, and when it came to crowning my heart was racing as I sat at the edge of my seat waiting for the results.

Outstanding Teen

Miracle Maker: Dominique, New York City
Scholastic Award: Sarah, Empire Star
Overall Talent Award: Cady Ruth. Flower City
Interview Award: (tie) Alia, Rochester & Sarah, Empire Star

4th Runner Up: Alia, Rochester.
3rd Runner Up: Sarah, Empire Star.

2nd Runner Up: Richmond County, Charista.
1st Runner Up: Morgan Fulton County.

Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen is Cady Ruth, Flower City.

Miss New York

Left: Kira, Desiree- Lifestyle & Fitness    Right: Jillian, Cat- Talent


Lifestyle & Fitness– Kira, NYC and Desiree, Finger Lakes

Talent– Jillian, Southern Tier and Cat, Empire Rose

Overall Interview– Kira, NYC
Edith Susskind Community Service Award– Kira, NYC 
Miracle Maker Award– Jamie Lynn, Staten Island
MAO CMN Award– Jamie Lynn, Staten Island

MAO Academic Award– Christina, Cosmopolitan
Ken Berry Spirit Award: Cat, Empire Rose

Non-Finalist Awards
Interview– Sarah, Empire Star

Evening Wear– Jamie H., Liberty
Talent– Anneliese, Flower City

Top 10
JuliaRae, Metropolitan

Christina, Cosmopolitan
Stephanie, Richmond County
Claudette, Heart of New York
Katelynn, Empire Capital Region

Cat, Kira, Desiree, Jamie, Jillian

4th Runner Up– Cat, Empire Rose
3rd Runner Up– Jillian, Southern Tier
2nd Runner Up- Jamie Lynn, Staten Island
1st Runner Up– Desiree, Finger Lakes

Miss NY 2014- Kira, NYC



If you are interested in more highlights from Miss NY 2014, please read my reviews of Preliminaries, Miss NY Outstanding Teen and my Predictions.



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