Suit for the Stage- Not to Swim

One of the most nerveracking phase of competition, especially for first time contestants, is the Lifestyle and Fitness category. While this should be a chance to show off your hard work, from living an active and healthy lifestyle, often times a good suit is a huge contributing factor to truly highlighting your body. The secret to earning points during the L&F competition is confidence, which is found from truly feeling as though you look your best. This is also made possible with a good suit.

There are many great pageant swimsuits companies out there, such as Kandice Pelletier and Jamye Shaw. They are able to offer high quality, often times custom, suits that fit and flatter your body. These suits, arguably the best, are also the most expensive.

Many local titleholders and contestants choose to shop for their suit at Venus or Victoria’s Secret. These suits, albiet less expensive, are not all tailored for pageants and should be purchased with discretion.

Personally, I was a fan of Target. They were mid-quality and mid-priced, but still made me feel awesome and look great. The trick is, knowing what makes a good suit and being proactive in your search to find it.

What Makes a Suit a Suit for the Stage – Not to Swim?


  1. Always Popular:
    1. Red: Red is a strong color, and makes a girl feel confident. It also attracts the eye, so judges are drawn to the suit and may score higher because they can’t help but look.
    2. Black: Black  compliments nearly every skin tone and do not clash with many hair colors
  2. Trending:
    1. Turquoise: Specifically girls with blond hair look fabulous with a turquoise suit; it is fun and summer-y.
  3. Prediction:
    1. Emerald Green: Emerald green has slowly been making its way to the runway and pageant stage. Similar to the effects of the color Red, Emerald has been worn by royalty throughout history, and represents a connection to nature.
  4. Avoid:
    1. White: Dark haired girls risk transparency in their bottoms, and blanching their body.
    2. Pastels: Heavy stage lights make create the illusion of nudity. This is never a good idea.



  1. Look For:
    1. Strong Under-wire
    2. Halters
    3. Wide straps
    4. Support/Padding
Save these for the beach!

        1. Strapless/bandeau tops
        2. Spaghetti straps/tie strings
        3. Metallic/Satin
        4. Fringe/ruffles
        5. Patterns




The Two Questions You Always Ask

Can I Wear a One Piece?

yes and no. Yes, you can wear a one piece suit and look great, feel great and rock the stage. But the judges are going to wonder what you’re hiding- even if you have nothing to hide.

Do I really need butt-glue?

The answer is yes. You must tell your suit where to sit, or it will move while you walk. Pull your suit high, and glue the backside to your backside, so when you walk on stage, spin a French turn, and pivot off stage, the suit is exactly where it was when you left the dressing room. No exceptions.

My advice? Water soluble, roll on glue. The hold is mild, and it wont stick to everything you wear for the next 6 weeks (or the toilet).