Kira in Atlantic City: Miss America Preliminaries

Monday: Interview


Kira decided to change her dress, however kept the super cute shoes!

Tuesday: Talent

Dress Rehearsal

Although Kira performed the song (Happy by Pharrell Williams), her attire has been completely revamped. She swapped out her colorful skinnies and crochet top for an electric blue jumpsuit with fun shoulder detail, and a simple necklace.  She may have even purchased a new cup, though it is still red and does not match her outfit. Personal pet peeve.

Her performance received mixed reviews from audience members. Some found it quirky and cute, while others found it childish and inappropriate for the Miss America stage. At this point it is up to the judges to decide.

Be sure to check out this Post by The Pageant Planet to view a clip of Kira performing her talent during Tuesday’s preliminary competition.

Tuesday Night Results:

Congratulations to the first set of Preliminary Winners!


 Wednesday: On Stage Question

On Stage Question

There is chatter in regards to her On Stage Question, but we are confident that her answer was well spoken with clarity, and received high marks.

Shown left is her Joseph Ribkoff dress for introductions. Although the length and color are questionable, she undoubtedly wears it.

Shown right is her Patricia Bonaldi dress for on stage question.

Wednesday Night Results

Congratulations to the second set of winners!

Thursday: Lifestyle & Fitness and Evening Gown


 Kira chose to wear a high-fashion, fun evening gown by John Paul Ataker. Naturally, it received mixed reviews, as all her fashion choices this week have- some raving about their love for it and how well she wears it, while others dislike the peplum. This gown would be amazing for a red carpet event, which may be where Miss America is headed this reign, thanks to a new partnership with Dick Clark Productions.  The color is a nice alternative from the traditional and most popular white (although black and red are close seconds), while still playing it safe (if a patterned underlay peplum can be called safe).

Photo by Richard Krauss
Photo by Richard Krauss

If Kira advances to finals, she will be required to wear a Tony Bowls gown. As the official evening gown sponsor, all 53 contestants were able to sit down with Tony, or Skype with him, to design the gown of their dreams. Some contestants, like Kira, chose to wear a gown of their choice during preliminaries, while others wore the Tony Bowls gown during preliminaries as well.

2015 Miss America Preliminaries Day 3Kira wore a bright pink Catalina swimsuit with gold accents. She won the Lifestyle and Fitness preliminary at Miss New York, but may have lost some weight since then.

Thursday Results:

Congratulations to the winners!


And there it is folks! The Miss America preliminary competition is over. The judges have done the first part of their job, and now it is up to the auditors to tabulate the composite scores and determine 14 of the 15 finalists for Sunday’s show. Remember to Vote for Kira to ensure she makes the first cut.

Miss America will be aired Sunday, September 14th on ABC at 9:00pm. Be sure to watch, and see who will be the 2014 Miss America.


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