Miss America Predictions

Who I want to Win:

These ladies may not have the points (or maybe they do), but have a special place in my heart. Watching them since they’ve been crowned, and during the past few weeks has impacted me in an emotional way. This list has girls who I liked since day one, regardless of preliminary scores or the hype. I think these ladies are fabulous, and I would love for them to be Miss America. Whether or not they make Top 5, they will make a difference in the community and their home state.

New York: Im biased here, obviously. However I actually think Kira can do well. She is incredibly smart (a triple major), well spoken, and beautiful. Her talent, regardless of technical merit and simplicity, would be great with children during school and hospital visits. She is red-carpet ready, and would be a great ambassador for the new Dick Clark partnership.
Ohio: Ventriloquism and dummies freak me out, I won’t lie. I have an image  in my mind from Miss America 2011, of Alyse Eady’s dummies tucked into bed- I cannot forget that. However, I can respect that is is a dying art, and a difficult art to do well. She is extremely entertaining. Ohio used to do well at Miss America, but has been going through a dry spell recently, and Mackenzie has what it takes to break that spell. Plus, how adorable would it be for a ventriloquist to win on the 50th anniversary of the last (er, first and only) ventriloquist?
Kentucky: First off, Ramsey is drop dead gorgeous. But after learning about her platform, and even writing an article about her, I really fell in love with her passion for not only the muscular sclerosis disability that will not stop her dreams, but also for her talent. Her smile is so bright, and her eyes look straight into your heart.
Connecticut: Again, I’m biased, since I have met Acacia a few times at New York pageants. I have been confused by her platform, but know she is able to make it very clear to the judges. She has a smile that attracts every eye in the audience the second she walks on the stage. You can’t help but look at her, and want to get to know her. Plus, she competed as Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen and has experience on the National Stage.
Florida: I knew very little about Victoria after the initial “scandal” regarding her crowning. Once she got to Atlantic City, she caught my eye in every single photo, and I began researching her. She is stunning. I don’t funny get her platform (One Chance, Once Choice- but it focuses on 5 topics), but there is no doubt a passion for it since she has it registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation. I can see her shining in photos all year.

Who I think will Win:

These ladies have the full package- talent, great body, perfect interview. I may not have a personal connection with their story or platform, but I can see them going home with the crown.

Alabama: As a former Outstanding Teen, Caitlin knows what it takes. She has a very close connection with her platform, and won the Quality of Life award with it. She also has a great team, that pushes their girls, although lately I wonder about this team. Caitlin is a great public speaker, and can do well if she stays consistent.

Oklahoma: The Oklahoma team has been able to send amazing girls each year, and works with them to build the perfect package. Alex has a great body, and great smile.

Mississippi: I love Jasmine, but sometimes in her photos she looks very processed and over rehearsed. I think she has a lot of technical pageant skills, but it could be overbearing for the judges who are not classic pageant judges. Her platform is very needed right now, and she could really make an impact in the country. I think she will score well, but when it comes to ranking she may not take the top slot.

Honorable Mentions:

I don’t necessary have a tie with these ladies, nor do they have a lot of people pushing them into the spotlight, but nonetheless, these ladies have something special and we should look out for them.

North Carolina: Having parents in NC, I obviously have a slight tie to the tar heel state, and have been watching Beth since she was crowned. I wasn’t impressed with her headshot, but once I started seeing appearance photos I realised she is beyond beautiful. I spoke with her at the Show Us Your Shoes Parade, and she is also incredibly sweet an funny. She was discussing her love of Bodangles.

Alaska: Malie may not be the most traditional idea of what a pageant girl is like, but there is no doubt she has personality. She is down to earth and fun, and would be very relatable for youth across the country. She may be a simple girl, but she can be glam too! Her Tony Bowls shoot was extremely shocking, because who knew there was high fashion in the tundra?!  Her personality could have won over the judges in interview, plus her talent is very good.

Massachusetts: Even though I lived in Massachusetts for all of 5 minutes, I still feel the need to follow close to their titleholders. This year, I think Lauren has a strong training from outside Mass, paired with the great sponsors from Mass, can put Mass in the Top 15. I’m not sure if she has enough to break into the Top 10, but if she does she could go far.

Pennsylvania: I really liked Amanda’s People’s Choice video. It was fun, spunky, unique, and gave us a preview of her talent. She has a beautiful voice, and is very pretty but is not over the top about it. She is simple, yet elegant looking- exactly what we want from a girl next door role model. If she won, she could help bring the Miss Pennsylvania pageant into modern competitiveness. I could easily see her in the Top 15, possibly the Top 10.

Rhode Island: I actually met Ivy at Miss America last year, and I got to know her a little bit in regards to why she chose her platform, why she competes in Rhode Island and not in Tennessee, school, and her awesome talent. She was 1st runner up at Rhode Island last year, went to National Sweetheart and was first runner up, and won this year. Flute is a hard talent to make entertaining, but switching things up with the piccolo and playing a fun, modern song could put Ivy in the Top 15.


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