Miss America Finals “Trends”

Last year, Miss California was first runner up to Nina Davuluri as she was crowned Miss America 2014. This year, Miss California did not even make the first cut. This year, Miss Virginia was 50% of the last two standing, yet last year Miss Virginia did not make the first round of eliminations. Sure, people see New York win three years in a row and it’s easy to think the same states are strong easy year, and the same states are left clapping. But that simply isn’t the case. In fact, only two states were consistent between 2014 and 2015! Every other titleholder shifted either up or down.


Top Five

  • New York ✔
  • California ⊠
  • Oklahoma ↓
  • Florida ✔
  • Minnesota ⊠

Top Ten

  • Connecticut ↓↓
  • Georgia ⊠
  • Kansas ⊠
  • Maryland ⊠
  • Texas ↓↓

Top Twelve

  • Missouri ⊠
  • Wisconsin ⊠

Top Fifteen

  • Arkansas ↑↑↑
  • Kentucky ↑
  • Mississippi ↑↑


  • ✔ Same placement
  • ⊠ Did not make Finals
  • ↑ Next Elimination
  • ↓ Previous Elimination

Of course there were some new faces, to replace those who did not make the cut this year.

2015 – New Faces

  • Massachusetts- Top 5
  • Tennessee- Top 10
  • Alabama- Top 10
  • Ohio- Top 10
  • Iowa- Top 15

So who will it be? The next season has already begun as New York crowns its 2015 titleholders, who will continue to compete at Miss New York 2015. Consistency may have been what put Kira beneath the crown, so could the trend keep going? Or is there really a trend at all?


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