Miss New York 2014 part B Predictions

All of the following are predictions, based solely on personal opinion and observations. We won’t know just yet who takes over the crown.

  1. Desiree Wiley
    • Last I knew, Desiree was done competing. Even though she has another year, she is happy with her life and finished Miss NY last year with a pageant high. She had said last year that she would turn the crown down if it got to her, however also said she would not compete this year yet came back. Also, there’s the balance between “stop while you are ahead” and “but if I am Miss New York I want to go to Miss America” and “what if I compete again and don’t do as well.” Nonetheless, Desiree has a lot of thinking to do.
  2. Jamie Lynn Macchia
    • After an amazing competition at the National Sweetheart pageant, thanks to a great reign, I highly doubt Jamie will take over the crown. She is an amazing local titleholder, and would make a great state titleholder, but based on her recent performances, she could actually win Miss New York and make her way to Atlantic City next year.
  3. Jillian Tapper
    • Jillian is a force to be reckoned with, and has a strong chance at pulling a title again. She still has a few more years, and even if she does not win, could earn much more scholarship money if she keeps competing.
  4. Cat Janisko
    • Cat has a full time job with QVC in Pennsylvania. Even though she would have made a great Miss New York if she won, it wouldn’t be in her heart to represent a state she does not have close ties to.

My guess: If Desiree decides to pass, assuming the others also pass, it will go to the Top Ten. Christina, Stephanie, and Claudette are all aging out this year. If the crown was passed to the post active of these three, plus an Academic Award, it would go to Christina. But then again, Sarah has been incredibly active, and won non-finalist interview.

At this point, we may not know for some time.  Hang tight and see who will it be? Miss New York 2014 part B.


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