Kira’s On-Stage Question

Although the on-stage question category is not scored during the final night, it gives the judges an idea of how well the lady can speak  in front of a crowd, on her feet, and form an opinion. This year, the answers were incredibly difficult, about heated topics like gun control and ISIS beheadings. but all five finalists did a wonderful job.  Kira, our new Miss New York, has received backlash in regards to “not answering the question”, however in fact she answered it better than we could have imagined.

Lee Meriwether, Q: There are a record 20 women serving in the senate. What is one specific issue where these women leaders should challenge the male majority and take the lead?

Basically, what is an issue that female senate leaders should bring to the table, because males may be focusing on other topics?

Kira Kazantsev, A: I really believe that sexual assault in our military is an issue that these women have gone to fight for and every single woman that fights in our military deserves the right to be safe and to be happy and to be respected by those she serves with. So those women should go to fight and they are and I’m so proud to be one of their constituents.

Kira’s platform is domestic violence prevention. It could have been so easy to mention the Ray Rice issue, bring up her past, and suggest stronger consequences for domestic violence attackers, or outlets for victims. She also could have listed any of the obvious- equal pay or equality in the workforce. But instead, Kira hits home with sexual assault in the military. This is one of the most shameful aspects of our country- how females can sign up to defend our country, put their at risk for the lives of others, then become a victim right at home by those who should be standing beside her. The only thing that could have made this answer better is if she would have mentioned Kirsten Gillibrand (a NY senator) by name, and her specific plan for this issue. It is relevant and necessary, and Kira was extremely gracious in her delivery.


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