Board Members: What Do They Do?

A Board of Directors is the group of dedicated volunteers that come together as a team to oversee the activities of the organization, and work to make the pageant a success 365 days each year. Maybe times, each individual is responsible for a specific role. But of course there are cases where the board of directors doesn’t have titles. They simply work together to get the job done. None the less, there are many job roles and responsibilities in a successful pageant board of directors, to ensure the pageant runs smooth and efficiently.


Executive Director: manages all the fine details. S/he is responsible for the local franchise agreement, and monitoring the information in the resource portal. S/he has to approve every contestant’s information, manage financials, coordinates scholarships and prizes. They are responsible for the pageant itself- the venue, the entertainment, the volunteer staff. During the titleholder’s year, s/he works with the queen to prepare them for the state pageant, connects them with necessary resources,  Most importantly, s/he monitors the rest of the team, and completes any task that needs doing.

Producer: manages the details of the day of the pageant, the workshop, and any orientation. S/he ensures a smooth production, with proper timing, filler entertainment, scripts for the emcees. Sometimes S/he is in charge of stage decoration. If there is not a choreographer for dance numbers, S/he will take this responsibility, as well as walking numbers for stage competitions. S/he guides the contestants in placement during all phases of competition. S/he also communicates with the other parties- such as sound and lights, to ensure a smooth show.

Choreographer: is in charge of all group dances. Not just limited to Opening Number, s/he may also be in charge of walking patterns, group walks, and final look.

Judge’s Chair: Finding qualified judges is extremely important. The judge must be of their own moral standard, have an active role in the environment, and has a role with stage activities. He or she must understand the mission of pageants. Judges must be balanced among themselves- a teacher, a politician, a former, a dancer. They must be able to all contribute to a well rounded titleholder. The Judge’s Chair is responsible for locating judges, pre-screening them, and then charging them oon the day of the pageant.

Tabulators/Auditors: Following each phase of competition, the auditors will collect the score sheets from the judges and input the numbers into a computer database. The scores are then converted into the correct percentages. Following the completion of the categories, auditors must compile the “Final Ballot” list, in competition order. Finally, when the final ballot is returned, they must give each contestant “scores” based on their ranking, and input all of this information into the computer database. Finally, they save the database, and it is stored for record purposes.

Scholarship Chair: Sometimes a board will have a separate volunteer responsible for scholarships. This person will not only approach local businesses and individuals to solicit scholarships, but is also responsible for sending scholarship checks to recipients’ schools or loan companies.

Business Manager: A busier titleholder may receive a business manager to help in the planning, travel, and chaperoning of titleholder’s appearances and events. S/he will contact civic organizations and sponsors, set up events and appearances, and often drive the titleholder and chaperon the event. They will also manage all inquiries. S/he is responsible for sorting events that will help the titleholder with her personal brand (platform, etc) and also promote the organization itself.

Contestant Coordinator: They are responsible for recruiting contestnants from schools, dance studios, and other places and draw them into competing at the pageant. They will answer all questions before the potential signs up. S/he manages contestant lists, distributes paperwork, and may double check eligibility.  The contestant coordinator is the liaison between the director and the contestant before the pageant.

Treasurer: This person may relieve the ED of monetary responsibilities. They must keep expenses donations and scholarship donations separate, balance and reconcile scholarship checks, and make payments for venue, prizes, and other expenses.

Stage Hands: Backstage help is very important during the day of the pageant. They will assist with the curtain, props, lighting, and perhaps most importantly notify the emcee when the contestants are ready to return to the stage, or if filler is necessary.

Hostesses: These ladies are in the dressing rooms helping the contestants get ready. Whether they are zipping dresses, buckling shoes, rolling on butt-glue, or fixing a gown emergency, these ladies do it all. Some pageants provide personal hostesses for each contestants, and others have 2-3 to share for the group.


Is there another person you’ve heard about and curious what they do? Leave a comment below and they will be explained as well!


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