NY Strong at Virginia USA

This past weekend, two beautifully elegant young women, both former Miss New York contestants, competed in Miss Virginia USA.


Jamie Hughes, former Miss Liberty 2014, grew up in Virginia, where she held both state tile in the United State and International systems, and a Miss America local title.  In New York, Jamie won her local title at the same sweeper Jillian Tapper, who assumed the Miss New York title after Kira’s Miss America win, received her Miss Southern Tier title. She was able to earn valuable experience from the Empire State pageants. Delesia Watson made her debut in Miss New York as the first Miss Bronx to be crowned in the Bronx. She did not make the semifinals’ Top Ten, however did go home in 2013 with the Non-Finalist Interview Award. This year she earned the title of Miss Virginia Dogwood, and earned a spot in the Top 11.


The Miss Virginia USA competition had a preliminary competition where the contestants earned their composite scores in interview, swimwear, and evening gown. On Sunday, the ladies came back for the final competition. Both of these two wowed the judges during the preliminary competition, and earned a spot in the semi-final Top 12.

Although Laura Puleo took home the crown (Congrats!), Jamie Hughes made us proud too as the 2nd Runner Up. The Top Five spotlight was shared with Desiree Williams (former Miss Virginia 2013 MAO and Miss National Sweetheart), Brittinay Nicolette, and Kristie Barlow.

New York may no longer be their home, but there is no doubt that once you live in the City of Lights, you are destined to light up your life. Great job, Delesia and Congratulations Jamie!


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