Miss Finger Lakes Preview and Predictions


The Miss Finger Lakes website has given us a preview of the beautiful ladies who will be competing for the upcoming Miss Finger Lakes and Miss Upstate NY 2015 titles. You may recognize some familiar faces, from contestants and titleholders of the past, but there is also an assortment of new girls- ready to take on the Miss America crown.


1. Hannah Cooper, First MAO pageant, former Miss Erie County USA
2. Marivi Howell-Arza, runner up at Miss Thousand Islands
3. Abigail Hoagfrequent contestant
4. Abbey Naumowicsrunner up at Miss Empire Rose and Miss Syracuse
5. Diana CotroneFirst MAO pageant; 2nd Runner Up at Miss New York International
6. Tracee Sheibelrunner up at Miss Mohawk Valley 
7. Michaela Kenny, former Teen New York
8. Deanna Sheibel, First MAO pageant
9. Lauren Crandall, Miss Mohawk Valley 2014
10. Laura Singer, First MAO pageant, former USA Junior Ambassador teen
11. Madison TerBoss, First MAO pageant
12. Kelly Hoffman, First MAO pageant, former NAMiss New York, 
13. Jessica Brosofskyrunner up at Miss Syracuse
14. Kerisa Bonville, First MAO pageant, former Miss Greater Rochester Teen-Ager
15. Rebeka Raven, First MAO pageant
16. Erica Shepard, Runner up at Miss Finger Lakes, former NAMiss New York Teen


Pageants are so difficult to predict. Despite my research, I know very little about the first time contestants, and simply cannot assume they will not stand up to the seasoned veterans. Many of the first timers have not competed in pageants, but are performers in other senses: actresses, dancers, or public speakers.  A handful have experience in other systems.

Furthermore, both titles have fairly open regions of eligibility despite closed seeming names. This could impact ranking. If a girl from a further region scores high, she may rank lower than a local girl who impacted the judges more directly in interview.

Finally, the Finger Lakes pageant does not have a high quality sound system, nor a full piano. This has the possibility to throw off vocalists or instrumentalists who are used to top notch systems. Dancers may (or may not) have an advantage.

My “Top 5”:
We can expect good things from Marivi, Lauren, and Abbey.
Don’t be shocked if MadisonDiana or Kelly walk away with a crown.
Fringe: Jessica

Who do you think will be the 17th Miss Finger Lakes? Who will be the 3rd Miss Upstate New York? Who will join them on the podium? Sound off in the comments below.


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