NY Takes On NY USA

This past weekend, three of our beautifully elegant titleholders, all having competed at Miss New York 2014, gave their best shot at another crown– Miss New York USA.



**Photo Credit: Instagram

Miss USA/Universe is similar in theory as the Miss America Organization, but in truth they are two separate world. Christina Moore, Miss Cosmopolitan 2014 took on the title of Miss Kings County USA. You may remember her previously holding the Miss Kings County title in MAO! Claudette Gomez, Miss Heart of New York 2014, took the title Miss Tuckahoe USA. And Sarah Hreyo, Miss Empire Star 2014, wore the Miss City of Dreams USA banner. Some of you may remember Johanna Sambucini used this title in 2012 when she won the Miss New York USA title.

Also, Alia Bajorek, Miss Rochester’s OT 2014, competed in the Teen New York USA competition as well!



The Miss New York USA competition had a preliminary competition where the contestants earned their composite scores in interview, swimwear, and evening gown. On Sunday, the ladies came back for the final competition.

The teen competition was earlier in the afternoon, and Miss Long Island Teen USA Geena Cardalena went home with the state title.  This is the 3rd time in a row that Miss Long Island Teen USA has sent a winner to take the state title.

All three of the ladies rocked some fire engine red bikinis. Christina wore a daring two piece gown, Claudette shined in a pastel blue, and Sarah glided across the stage in a beautiful peach.

**Photo Credit: Michael Scholl

Thatiana Diaz went home with the crown. She was 3rd Runner up last year, and came back to the win. She had previously held the Miss NY Teen USA title, and then held the Miss Dominican Republic US title, and competed for the chance to represent the Dominican Republic at Miss USA. Most of the finalist and all of the top 5 have competed before. Without a doubt, they will be back!

Although none of our girls went home finalists, they all made us incredibly proud. Christina even scored a non-finalist swimsuit award! She later announced that she is officially retired from pageantry (boo!), but we can cross our fingers that Sarah and Claudette will continue to rock the stage.
Great Job, ladies!


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