Flower City Contestant Preview 2015

The Miss Flower City Scholarship Organization is hosting their second annual pageant, to choose a young woman to serve as a regional representative at Miss New York.

Last year, Anneliese Trust wowed the audience with her jazz dance to “I Gotcha”, and walked away not only with an interview award and tie for swim suit award, but the Miss Flower City crown. At Miss New York she won the award for the highest non-finalist talent.

Nine beautiful young ladies made their way to Rochester, with homes stretching from Buffalo to Brooklyn to Saratoga Springs, to compete for the chance at the crown. Who will she be?


  • Name: Bridget Avery
  • School: RIT
  • Talent: Irish Step
  • Platform: Animal Abuse: We Are the Change


  • Name: Alexandra Casale
  • School: Niagara University
  • Talent: Vocal
  • Platform: Bella’s Tea Party


  • Name: Kyanna Lewis
  • School: 3L at Cardozo Law School
  • Talent: Creative Hoop Performance
  • Platform: Don’t Just Succeed, Lead; Building Our Nation’s (Wo)Manpower


  • Name: Michaela Kenny
  • School: Clarkson University & Potsdam
  • Talent: Flute
  • Platform: Mental Heath Matters: Eradicating the Stigma


  • Name: Marivi Howell-Arza
  • School: Buffalo Seminary
  • Talent: Vocal
  • Platform: Lady Liberty’s L:amp: Lighting the Way to the American Dream


  • Name: Alexandra Sprague
  • School: Ithaca
  • Talent: Sign Language
  • Platform: Bridging the Gap: Uniting Generations


  • Name: Mary Mazur
  • School: SUNY Fredonia
  • Talent: Comedy
  • Platform: Conservation


  • Name: Madison Manuel
  • School: SUNY Adirondack
  • Talent: Violin
  • Platform: Connecting Cliques- Bullying Awareness


  • Name: Cassie Paradise
  • School: Manhattan CC
  • Talent: Jazz Dance
  • Platform: Brave is Beautiful: A Support System for Children with Special Needs

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