Miss Fulton County 2015

The Miss Fulton County pageant, inching towards their 50 year anniversary, celebrated their 44th titleholder this weekend at the Gloversville High School auditorium. Their contestant count isn’t always the highest, although it has broke 20 before, because eligibility is limited only to residents of Fulton County. It is one of my favorites, because who better to represent the area than girls who actually live there? The production is always an incredible show, with great emcees, performances, and superior judges.

The five contestants all focused on very unique and different platforms, and performed an assortment of talents. As always, the performances by Miss New York (Jillian Tapper performed her amazing twirl routine) and High Performance Dancers wowed the audience between phases.

The hosts were hilarious, as they have been in years past. That is one of the benefits of keeping a local pageant local. The emcees are also local, with a tie to the area. They come back every year, remember the girls, have a connection to the location and the area. They can see a girl’s growth through the years, and know the impact the contestants have the potential to make. They aren’t just reading from a script, they actually know what’s going on.

Lifestyle & Fitness

1. Courtney wore a lime green bikini, potentially the KP state suit from an earlier title.

2. Priscilla wore a modest black bikini that highlighted her long legs and torso.

3. Heather wore a bright fuchsia bikini with a thick waist band.

4. Baylee wore a bright pink, almost red, suit.

5. Madison wore a very pretty blue suit that highlighted her hair well.



1. Courtney performed a Irish step dance to a song from Lord of the Dance. Her costume was simple- white top, black skirt, but 100% of the surfaces (including her shoes) were blinged out with little stones. Her every move reflected the lights.

2. Priscilla performed a vocal piece to a song from The Secret Garden.

Viscosi Photography

3. Heather performed a clogging routine, sporting a bright yellow and cobalt blue feathery jumpsuit that bounced with her every move. Although last year I disliked the random break dancing in the middle, this year I almost missed it and the random spice it brought to the table.

4. Baylee performed a classical ballet en point to Don Quixote, sporting a bright red tutu.

5. Madison spoke a personal narrative describing an original painting. The painting was beautiful, and her story was very touching. I truly hope she works on the monologue, treat it almost like a poem where ever word counts, and comes back and compete again. It gave me chills.


Evening Wear

1. Courtney wore a black strapless mermaid with a lace overlay and trumpet bottom.

2. Priscilla wore a black and gold sequin covered strapless gown with thigh high slit.

3. Heather wore a white lace gown with a keyhole back, covered in stones.

4. Baylee wore a bright blue gown with a fully beaded high neckline.

5. Madison wore a satin fuchsia halter with a beaded illusion necklace.

On-Stage Question

Each girl chose a pretty difficult question from a fishbowl, or “plastic doohickey” as the male host called it, and had a few moments with the microphone to give her opinion.

The questions ranged from moral integrity, the police protests, and the responsibility with cyber bullying.  The answers were all great.


Community Spirit Award: Priscilla Smouse
Miss Congeniality – $250: Courtney Sheridan
1st Runner Up – $1,000: Courtney Sheridan

Miss Fulton County $4,000: Baylee Simpson

Miss Fulton County’s Outstanding Teen: Morgan Romano

The Miss Fulton County’s Outstanding Teen competition is judged through an essay contest. Local teens write an essay why do you deserve to be Miss Fulton County’s Outstanding Teen. Morgan Romano was Miss Fulton County’s OT last year, and placed 1st runner up at the state pageant. She has returned this year to hopefully secure the Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen title!

The three Non-Finalists also received a $500 scholarship each.

Baylee Simpson, Jillian Tapper, Morgan Romano


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