Miss Flower City 2015

For every pageant girl, stepping on stage the night of your pageant finale can be one of the most liberating moments of your life. The rush of excitement, nerves and confidence rushes through your body as you see the crown that you hope will be yours out of the corner of your eye and the panel of judges critiquing your every move in the back of your head who sit right in front of you.

Miss & Teen Contestants
Miss & Teen Contestants

For two very lucky girls, the night before the much anticipated Super Bowl, on January 31st 2015, their dreams of becoming the Miss Flower City or Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen came true.

The Miss and Teen contestants day began with private interviews with distinct Miss and Teen judges where each contestant was able to promote their platform and display their unique personalities. With an impression already made on the judges, each contestant took the stage at the JCC CenterStage Theater in Rochester, NY in front of an audience full of supportive families and visiting royalty from various organizations. Cheers emerged from behind the panel of judges as each contestant reintroduced themselves and their platforms. After exiting the stage, a scurry could be heard as Miss contestants changed into their bathing suits and Teen contestants put on their fitness outfits. When watching the Lifestyle and Fitness portion of the competition, judges ask themselves, “who looks just as poised, confident and elegant as they would in their favorite outfit?”

Kyanna Lewis
Kyanna Lewis

What separates the Miss America Organization from any other pageant organization is the distinct talent portion of the competition. Each girl took the stage to put on a show, not just for the lurking judges but for the eager audience. Each young lady took the stage and displayed their vocal, dance, comedy and unique talents. If you’ve never seen a hula hoop routine or someone perform sign language to today’s biggest hit, then come watch a Miss America pageant because the JCC stage was full of very skilled ladies. At the end of each routine, you’ll find yourself whispering to your neighbor, “wow, she was absolutely amazing! I would love to see that again.” And that is exactly what the judges are looking for.

Kyanna Lewis’ Talent-“Creative Hula Hoop Performance”
Cady Ruth Stoever, Kyanna Lewis & Anneliese Trust 
Cady Ruth Stoever, Kyanna Lewis & Anneliese Trust

These young ladies aren’t just very talented, intelligent and ambitious, they are also fully capable of presenting themselves in front of a large group of people wearing heals and most likely a dress worth a few hundred dollars that for sure accentuates her body. Contestants parade gracefully one by one in their formal wear gown until they approach the reigning royalty, Cady Ruth Stoever and Anneliese Trust. Anticipation floods each contestant as they reach into two bowls for two interview questions that could skew the judges thoughts on a particular young lady. A way to obtain a final look on the contestants, listen to their view on today’s trending topics and to get to know each lady one last time is an essential part to the on stage questions. Thoughts on the outcome of the Super Bowl ranging from your opinion on Congress was asked. You may have stolen the hearts of audience members and the judges if you show respect towards each view on a controversial issue, remain confident and stay true to your beliefs when you speak into the microphone for the very last time before the winner is crowned.

Crowning was only shy away from several guests displaying their unique voices on stage. One being the 2014 National American Miss New York Pre-Teen, Liza Cotter.

Liza Cotter, 2014 National American Miss New York Jr. Pre-Teem
Liza Cotter, 2014 National American Miss New York Pre-Teen
Kyanna Lewis
Kyanna Lewis

The most anticipated portion of the night, the crowning. Beginning with the Teens, the winner was only announced. Alia Bajorek, in her stunning deep red mermaid gown takes the crown as she is announced Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen! Each Miss contestant thinks to herself, “that could be my sister queen” as they patiently wait for their shining moment. The 4th-1st runner up was finally announced for the Miss contestants. An overwhelming sigh of relief came from the winner, Kyanna Lewis, as she is announced the next Miss Flower City.

Alia Bajorek, Cady Ruth Stoever, Anneliese Trust & Kyanna Lewis
Miss & Teen Contestants
Miss & Teen Contestants

Kyanna Lewis – Miss Flower City, Best Interview Winner

Marivi Howell-Arza – First Runner Up, Talent Winner and Best Interview Winner

Cassie Paradise – Second Runner Up

Madison Manuel – Third Runner Up

Michaela Kenny – Fourth Runner Up

Teen Contestants-Isabel Ann Skormin &  Chrissy Sardano Backstage
Teen Contestants-Isabel Ann Skormin &
Chrissy Sardano Backstage

Disclaimer: Many photos ©Jaclyn Molloy Photography

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