2015 Runners Up Pageant

Last year, the hills were buzzing with the possibility of a Binghamton based local pageant, but in the end there was not enough support to pull through. In an effort to rally some community support, and with the hopes of introducing a local pageant for the southern tier, this year’s runner up pageant was held in Binghamton, NY. Two titles were awarded: Miss Southern Tier and Miss Triple Cities.

Those who don’t live in the triple cities may be unfamiliar with this term: Triple Cities.  Originally used to lump Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott, Triple Cities has since expanded to describe all of Tioga and Broome Counties, with Binghamton on the forefront.

So here we are at the tail end of the 2015 season. Twenty-Seven ladies have already earned their ticket to Miss New York, including 3 “at-large” contestants. Today, the final two contestants will earn their slot. These ladies have already competed throughout the year, and placed in the Top 5 at a prior pageant. They are back with a ferocity, and giving it their all. Eight ladies will impress in interview, show sass in swimwear, shine in talent, and show elegance in evening gown. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last pageant of the 2015 season: the Runners Up Pageant is now underway.


Abbey Naumowicz

  • Platform: Just the Way You Are
  • Talent: Vocal
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 3rd RU at Syracuse
    • 1st RU at Mohawk Valley

Cassie Paradise

  • Platform: “Turn the label, into the able”- Empowering Autistic Youth
  • Talent: Jazz Dance
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 2nd RU at Staten Island
    • 2nd RU at Flower City
    • 2nd RU at Crown City Sweeper

Gabrielle Walter

  • Platform: One Less: Uncovering Sexual Assault on College Campuses
  • Talent: Vocal
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 1st RU at Buffalo

Heather Graves

  • Platform: S.A.Y Something-Supporting Americas Youth through health and fitness
  • Talent: Clogging
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 1st RU at Empire Rose

Hillary Peckham

  • Platform:
  • Talent: Piano
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • Sweeper Pageant

Kelly Hoffman

  • Platform:
  • Talent: Dance
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 3rd RU at Finger Lakes

Lindsey DelBello

  • Platform: Cancer Research and Awareness
  • Talent: Dance
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 3rd RU at Buffalo

Michaela Kenny

  • Platform: Mental Health Matters: Eradicating the Stigma
  • Talent: Flute
  • Placement at Prior Pageant
    • 4th RU at Finger Lakes
    • 4th RU at Flower City


Miss Triple Cities: Hillary Peckham

Miss Southern Tier: Cassie Paradise


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