“NY” Queens Across the Nation- Who Will Take a State Crown?

New York is iconically the launching pad for immigrants as they come into America, and viewed as the melting pot of the Nation with the diversity of residents. Who would expect Miss New York to ever be any different? With its great education system, beautiful tourism, and entertainment opportunities, young ladies within the age of eligibility find themselves in the Big Apple and soon on the pageant stage. It really comes to no surprise.

The 2015 pageant season is a season unlike any other, due to the number of former NY local titleholders who secured local titles outside of New York. Many of them returned home after college, or perhaps they felt they had a better chance representing the state they call home. It’s perfectly possible– Acacia Courtney proved last year that sometimes there is no place like home.

In two situations, the wrench in the big ordeal, a former Miss NY local contestant did not win a local here in New York. Two contestants did, however compete and place at a NY local, before heading going off to another state. One competed here, then the following weekend she won a local title in that state, and made Top 5 at the state pageant. Instead of testing her luck here in NY again, she decided to compete through school eligibility once again. This was a good choice- she won a 2015 title, and will be returning to Miss Indiana. (See who, below) The other competed here, did not earn a title, then competed the following year in a different state and did.

Further coincidence… Five of the eight titleholders listed below competed in Miss Finger Lakes. This means that in a perfect situation the Miss Finger Lakes Organization could be inadvertently represented by six state titleholders. Wouldn’t that be something?

Here They Are:

  1. Allie Curtis, Miss West Warwick (Rhode Island)*
    • 1st Runner Up at Miss Rhode Island 2014
    • Non-Finalist at Miss NY 2013
  2. Camille Sims, Miss Fulton County (Georgia)*
    • Top 10 at Miss NY 2013
    • Miss Georgia’s OT 2010, 2nd Runner Up at MAOT
  3. Adrienne Wilson, MissNu’uanu (Hawaii)*
    • Non-Finalist at Miss NY 2014
  4. Julia RaeSchlucter, Miss Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
    • Top 10 at Miss NY 2014
    • Miss Pennsylvania’s OT 2008, 1st Runner up at MAOT
  5. RoseMcClimans, Miss Collegiate North (Indiana)*
    • 4th Runner Up at Miss Indiana 2014
    • Miss NY local contestant in 2014
  6. Jessica Johnson, Miss Harbor Cities (Wisconsin)
    • Top 11 at Miss WI 2014
    • Non-Finalist at Miss NY 2012
  7. Mary O’Connell, Miss Heart of the Valley (Wisconsin)*
    • Non-Finalist at Miss NY 2013
    • Non-Finalist at Miss WI 2012
    • Top 11 at Miss WI 2011
  8. Michela Moe, Miss Windy City (Illinois)
    • Miss NY local contestant in 2014
    • Top 7 at Miss Hawaii 2010

*competed in Miss Finger Lakes

So as local season comes to an end, and the warm weather brings state pageants, make sure you’re cheering for all these beautiful “NY” Queens as they compete for titles across the nation!


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