Fearfully Wonderfully and Beautifully Made: Alisa Vasquez

Congratulations Alisa Vasquez, Miss Upstate New York’s Outstanding Teen, who took the title of Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen this evening.

Although Alisa was fierce and full of confidence on stage, she wasn’t always that way. Thankfully, she has learned to love herself, and wants to teach others to develop their own positive self-esteem as well.

Thank you Lauren Crandall, Miss Upstate New York, for this well written peak into the life and platform of Alisa Vasquez.

Crowning Adventures

alisaWho, you may ask, is this beautiful young woman? Meet Alisa Vasquez, also known as Miss Upstate New York’s Outstanding Teen 2015. My “little sister” this year is such an inspiration for teens across New York. This post is all about Alisa and the amazing young woman she is! A student at Washingtonville High School, Alisa is a 17 year old with a passion for all four points to the crown. A scholar athlete, Miss Upstate New York’s Outstanding teen is a gymnast, track star, National Honor Society member, and is on her school’s High Honor Roll.

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