Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen 2015

The Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen programs started in 2005, as a stepping stone to Miss America. The teens would use this opportunity as a chance to grow and learn before becoming eligible for Miss New York and Miss America. Since 2005, New York has sent 10 empire state representative to the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, and returned with a national titleholder, a preliminary talent award, and a Miss Congeniality award. Hopefully, with New York shining in the Miss America department, 2015 will be the year New York takes back the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen title.

This year, the teen pageant was moved upstate to Saratoga Springs, where it would be held in conjunction with the Miss New York workshop. A nice change of scenery from the sky scrapers and hustle and bustle of the City, Saratoga is a historic village with boutique shops, antique buildings, and the occasional life-sized porcelain horse on the side of the road.

While the Miss titleholders were in Albany making appearances, the Teen titleholders were busy learning production numbers, practicing choreography, and preparing for the big night. There were 25 terrific teenagers vying for the crown, but only one would go home with the crown.

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Talent Photos courtesy of Abbey Naumowicz, Miss Electric City Hometown Queen.


Miracle Maker (Most Funds Raised for CMN): Christina LaRussa, Miss Buffalo’s Outstanding Teen

Miss Congeniality: Colleen Denmon, Miss CNY’s Outstanding Teen

4th Runner Up: Colleen Denmon, Miss CNY’s Outstanding Teen

3rd Runner Up: Jillian Larson, Miss Finger Lake’s Outstanding Teen

2nd Runner Up: Brianna Lockwood, Miss Northern New York’s Outstanding Teen

1st Runner Up: Charista Mroczek, Miss Heart of New York’s Outstanding Teen

Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen: Alisa Vasquez, Miss Upstate New York’s Outstanding Teen



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