10 Gifts to Give Your Pageant Sisters During State Week

Each girl who wins a title enters an exclusive Class of Titleholders, that will never be duplicated in its entirety again. They are unique, special, and form a bond unlike any other. Often times, it is customary to bring small gifts during State Week to share with the other local titleholders, and show your appreciation for their sisterhood.

But when you’re busy, busy, busy prepping for the pageant, sometimes these gifts get forgotten until the last moment. And you panic! What can you give your local titleholder sisters during State Week?!

Here are 10 quick, affordable, and fun gifts that you can give your pageant sisters, and they will enjoy.

  1. Pack of Practical Items. It’s not likely that the girls will forget things like their gown, but what about the little things? Small items include: chapstick, mints, Tylenol samples, mini-pack of bobby pins, cough drops, lotion, compact mirror. Many of these items can be purchased at the Dollar Store! Bonus points if you put these items in a reusable mug or water tumbler! That’s a gift inside a gift.Champagne-Shower-favor-bags
  2. Fortune Cookies. Everyone’s favorite part about eating at the Asian restaurants is the fortune cookie at the end, so why not bring that magic to state week? Write your own inspirational messages, quotes, or good-luck messages, and put them in fortune cookies. Bonus points if you handwrite the messages with pretty markers. For even more bonus points, dip the cookies in chocolate or edible glitter.  Recipe to make your own here, and how to put your own fortune in, here.fortune cookies
  3. Decorated Sharpie to sign autograph cards. Every girl has a pile of autograph cards in her crown box, and probably a generic Sharpie Marker. Why not give her something special. Wrap the Sharpie in either fabric or pretty paper, and secure with hot glue (or fun Duck Tape. Heck, cover the whole marker in Duck Tape). Then add a pom-pom, flower, or hassle to the end. See ideas here, here, and here.7825f516ff49a96cb1ac57beaf9fb132
  4. DIY Shower Scrub. State Week is stressful, and nothing is better than that hot shower (or bath) when you get back to the hotel room. One great gift, you could go to Bath and Body Works and buy each girl a little container of shower gel. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can make each girl her own body scrub. Simply mix a sugar with the oils of your choice, and seal in a little Mason Jar (very cheap at the craft store). Decorate with ribbons, add name tags, and you’re done! See Tips and Recipes here.Baby Shower_Sugar Scrub_7
  5. Personalized Card. This can be executed one of two ways. Either way, you want to buy a pack of blank (inside and out) cards from the craft store. Go to dafont.com and choose your favorite font, but that is easy enough where you can copy it. One at a time, type in a girl’s names and title to preview what it should look like, then first pencil it onto the front of the card, then trace with metallic sharpie. Each girl receives a card with her name and title on the front. Inside, you can either leave it blank for each girl to use at some point during the remainder of her year, or write her a personal letter.il_570xN.621348204_n0cv
  6. Personalized Coffee Mugs. Coffee is a pageant girl’s go-to beverage, especially with busy schedules balancing school, work, and appearances. Mugs are easy to personalize just write their name (or initials, or title) on a ceramic mug (the cheap quality mugs from Wal-Mart will work best, trust me), put in a cold oven then turn it to 350. Let it bake for 20 minutes, turn the oven off, and let them cool another 20 minutes before removing. This will allow the glaze to melt completely, absorb the sharpie, then harden again.  See a tutorial here.Sharpie-Initial-Mug
  7. Sash Pin. Pins are important because they anchor the sash or banner to your shoulder and keep them from falling down, but also they are a creative way to show your affiliations. Pins are either generic, like crown pins, to show the involvement in pageantry, platform related, or organization related. A great gift would be to give each of the contestants a pin to promote sisterhood. It can either be related to your platform, or a generic pin that is exclusive to this Class of your state. Either way, it will promote unity among the class.12427802355_efc929c5de
  8. Journal. State week can be exciting, stressful, and full of memories. Even though you will be taking and posting pictures on social media, sometimes you just need to write out your thoughts. Where better than a journal? The journal can either be used to document her week at the state pageant, can continue afterwards into her year, or even be passed down as a “guide” to the girl who takes over her local title (whether or not she wins). Bonus points if you write a welcome letter on the first page, and wish each girl good luck.Ecosystem-Author-Journal
  9. Fuzzy socks. Many girls believe that wearing a pair of socks during rehearsal will keep your feet from hurting at night, and prevent blisters before the Big Night. Whether the ladies choose to wear the fuzzy socks during rehearsal, or afterwords to sooth their sore feet, fuzzy socks are always appreciated.New-WOMENS-Girl-Winter-Soft-WARM-font-b-Fuzzy-b-font-font-b-Socks-b-font
  10. A Coloring Book and Box of Crayons. We’re all kids at heart. Sometimes after a stressful day, the best thing we can do is relax with a box of crayons and a princess coloring book. Books and Crayons can be purchased at the Dollar Store, and either wrapped with ribbon or twine with a cute name tag.legofavorcoloringpack

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