Miss NY 2015 Preliminaries- Night 1

On-Stage Question:

The On-Stage Question portion of the Preliminary Competition was based on the girls’ platform. Although the thought was in the right place, because they should know their platform inside and out, it made the audience wonder who wrote the questions, and how they were selected based on the platform. An OSQ purist myself, I would have still liked to see the fishbowl with generic platform related questions, like what has been the most influential person you’ve been while on a platform related appearance? or What organization have you worked with the most, and what makes them important? Instead, many questions where either “yes or no” questions, or “What is” questions. On the other end, some of the questions almost didn’t seem to line up with the girl’s platform at all.  Some of the girls were very good at turning their answers into personal, strong answers, while others answered the questions as they were given. It was actually more difficult that it appeared.

  • Willa Hahn, Erie Canal: Why are young people uninterested in politics and what can we do?
  • Emma Silen, NYS Fair: What is Athlete Allies?
  • Hilary Peckham, Triple Cities: Should music be a part of academics?
  • Jamie Hughes, Crown City: How does Project Purple prevent substance abuse?
  • Jamie Machia, Greater NY: What is the goal of Truth 365
  • Lauren Crandall, Upstate NY: What does EASY stand for?
  • Kristina King, Central Square Apple Festival: What would you tell a friend struggling with an eating disorder?
  • Kristen Stilwell, Manhattan: What is He For She?
  • Desiree Wiley, Buffalo: Do you think cities need curfews?
  • Kerisa Bonville, Finger Lakes: What treatments are available for people with anxiety and depression?
  • Katlyn Cohen, Staten Island: What about people who text at a stoplight?
  • Tracee Schiebel, Mohawk Valley: What is the Hunger Project?
  • Anneliese Trust, Syracuse: What are some of the positive effects you’ve witnessed through the Big Brother Big Sister program?
  • Baylee Simpson, Fulton County: What does CREATE stand for and what does it do?


  • Manhattan- Kristin was able to tell us what the campaign is, but also how it impacts her platform.
  • Finger Lakes- Kerisa gave us the 3 options, and explained each one, without rambling or speeding up.
  • Syracuse- Anneliese gave a very solid set of examples, and explained the personal impact.


The contestants wore bright purple swimsuits, sponsored by Kandice Pelletier- former Miss New York and swimswear designer.

Standouts: Kyanna (Flower City) & Katelynn (CNY)


  • Willa Hahn, Erie Canal: performed an operatic vocal song from La Boheme.
  • Emma Silen, NYS Fair: performed a comedic monologue from Young and Reckless.
  • Hilary Peckham, Triple Cities: played an original version of Boogie Woogie on piano.
  • Jamie Hughes, Crown City: sang Like My Mother Does.
  • Jamie Machia, Greater NY: performed a lyrical dance to “I Was Here” by Beyonce.
  • Lauren Crandall, Upstate NY: performed a custom rendition of But They Just Keep Moving the Line from Smash.
  • Kristina King, Central Square Apple Festival: performed a musical theater piece to Roxie
  • Kristen Stilwel, Manhattan: performed a lyrical dance to Heaven is a Place on Earth.
  • Desiree Wiley, Buffalo: performed a jazz dance to Hit Me With a Hot Note.
  • Kerisa Bonville, Finger Lakes: performed an acoustic vocal with guitar to I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • Katlyn Cohen, Staten Island: performed a monologue from the last scene in The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Tracee Schiebel, Mohawk Valley: performed a tap dance to Love Shack.
  • Anneliese Trust, Syracuse: performed a jazz dance.
  • Baylee Simpson, Fulton County: performed Esmeralda ballet en Pointe with a tambourine.


Buffalo- Desiree has a lot of energy on stage, and her personality really shines through. Her dance makes you want to watch.

Upstate New York- Lauren’s alto selection and simple choreography was different from the previous vocal selections, and showed confidence and entertaining quality.

Staten Island- Even though the scene is somewhat emotional, Katlyn was able to channel that emotion and give incredible facial expressions.

Evening Gown:

  • Marivi Howell-Arza, Empire Star: a long sleeved red gown with heavily beaded bodice
  • Catherine Mannet, Queens: a strapless mermaid with full sequined body, feathery tail, and corset back.
  • Madison Manuel, Empire Rose: a blue Mac Duggal with asymetric peplum, open back, and beaded bodice
  • Kyanna Lewis, Flower City: a white gown with gold gems and decorative bottom
  • Jessica Brosofsky, Onondaga County: a red 3-quarter sleeve with sparkles in sleeve and beaded accent on waist
  • Katelynn Smith, Central NY: a Grecian looking gown with fully sparkled top and silver belt
  • Meghan Cahill, Altamont Fair: a blue sweetheart with silver illusion neckline
  • Cassie Paradise, Southern Tier: a red V neck and back with chainlike accents
  • Anastasia Harisis, Salt City: a navy long sleeved gown with high sparkly neckline and keyhole open back.
  • Julia Simoniello, Richmond County: a navy V-neck with wide back and super sparkly V
  • Meghan Sinisi, Liberty: a black gown with white off shoulder “sash”-like detail.
  • Allison Carlos, Thousand Islands: a long sleeved black gown with wide V neck, open back, and sparkle accents
  • Mackenzie Perpich, Cosmopolitan: a simple red one shoulder with ruffles on the back
  • Ashley Davis, Five Boroughs: a bubblegum-pink V with skinny straps, and sparkly top with silver sparkle waist accent
  • Nina Zesky, Heart of NY: a red cap sleeved gown with keyhole back, silver bodice, and necklace looking neckline


  • Flower City- Kyanna has a very effortless poise, and glides across the stage. She didn’t even hesitate on the stairs.
  • Central New York- Katelynn’s gown was very flattering, and the belt set it apart.
  • Thousand Islands- Allison is very strong at posing and angling her body, and does it naturally.

Preliminary Awards:


Blue Group Talent: ($250 Scholarship and 10k In-Kind) TIE Jamie Lynn Macchia, Miss Greater New York and Desiree Wiley, Miss Buffalo

Gold Group Swimsuit: ($250 Scholarship) Katelynn Smith, Miss Central New York


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