Miss NY 2015 Preliminaries- Night 2

On-Stage Question:

The On-Stage Question portion of the Preliminary Competition was based on the girls’ platform. Although the thought was in the right place, because they should know their platform inside and out, it made the audience wonder who wrote the questions, and how they were selected based on the platform. An OSQ purist myself, I would have still liked to see the fishbowl with generic platform related questions, like what has been the most influential person you’ve been while on a platform related appearance? or What organization have you worked with the most, and what makes them important? Instead, many questions where either “yes or no” questions, or “What is” questions. On the other end, some of the questions almost didn’t seem to line up with the girl’s platform at all.  Some of the girls were very good at turning their answers into personal, strong answers, while others answered the questions as they were given. It was actually more difficult that it appeared.

  • Marivi Howell-Arza, Empire Star: Is the American dream still attainable?
  • Catherine Mannet, Queens: What are the frequent causes of illiteracy?
  • Madison Manuel, Empire Rose: What guidance would you give a bully?
  • Kyanna Lewis, Flower City: Why do you think many young women are reluctant to consider a career in STEM?
  • Jessica Brosofsky, Onondaga County: Why are so many young people not interested in the news?
  • Katelynn Smith, Central NY: What does SAFE TALK stand for?
  • Meghan Cahill, Altamont Fair: What is krav maga?
  • Cassie Paradise, Southern Tier: What is an early sign of a child that has autism?
  • Anastasia Harisis, Salt City: How can we address the idea that STEM is uncool?
  • Julia Simoniello, Richmond County: Why is art education important in school?
  • Meghan Sinisi, Liberty: Why is the puzzle piece a symbol for autism awareness?
  • Allison Carlos, Thousand Islands: What challenges are there in being a foster parent?
  • Mackenzie Perpich, Cosmopolitan: Why is it important for the entertainment industry to give back?
  • Ashley Davis, Five Boroughs: Do you support genetic testing for Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Nina Zesky, Heart of NY: How can we create schools with safety while maintaining the nurturing environment?


  • Queens- Catherine was able to not only list the causes of illiteracy, but then spun her answer to include the groups she has worked with and how she has been able to help improve literacy programs.
  • Altamont Fair- Meghan could have answered her question 8 words (Krav Maga is a form of self defense), but that would have told us nothing about her. Instead, she told us about why self-defense is important, and went on to take a moment to thank Governor Cuomo for his initiatives to put a stop to sexual assault on college campuses through the Enough is Enough campaign. She may have given the best OSQ of both nights.
  • Thousand Islands- Allison had just written a blog post earlier in the week about how she had been able to reunite Sweet Pea (her 4 year old foster daughter) with her biological mother. Her OSQ answer explained that the reunification process is very important, but that she is glad that these children are able to be reunited. It was very emotional, but genuine.


The contestants wore bright purple swimsuits, sponsored by Kandice Pelletier- former Miss New York. During this night, we spotted no less than five tattoos! It is very encouraging that girls are no longer feeling pressured to cover tattoos, and are letting their unique expressions shine through.

Standouts: Jamie Hughes, Desiree, and Baylee

  • Crown City- Jamie H. is tall, with an essentially perfect body. She isn’t just skinny, but has a balance of muscle that paired with her great confidence and flawless walk, she could have easily been on the runway.
  • Buffalo- Desiree has muscles like none other. Her body is the epitome of toned, and her even her biceps have definition. She could easily compete in fitness competitors.
  • Fulton County- Baylee has a very natural body. As a dancer, her legs have definition in places that working out can’t achieve. She was confident, but not in an overly rehearsed way, and has an incredible walk.


  • Marivi Howell-Arza, Empire Star: performed a Broadway vocal song “Everything’s Coming up Roses”
  • Catherine Mannet, Queens: performed an LED Hoop Dance to a remix of Lights by Ellis Goulding
  • Madison Manuel, Empire Rose: played a classical song on the electric violin.
  • Kyanna Lewis, Flower City: performed a modern hoop dance to Uptown Funk
  • Jessica Brosofsky, Onondaga County: sang That’s Life by Frank Sinatra
  • Katelynn Smith, Central NY: a self choreographed contemporary clogging routine to Tina Turners “Proud Mary”
  • Meghan Cahill, Altamont Fair: performed a jazz-like self defense routine integrating krava maga, tumbling, and a punching bag
  • Cassie Paradise, Southern Tier: performed a Broadway Jazz Dance to “All That Jazz”
  • Anastasia Harisis, Salt City: sang Let Me Be Your Star from Smash
  • Julia Simoniello, Richmond County: sang a unique rendition of At Last while accompanying herself in the acoustic guitar
  • Meghan Sinisi, Liberty: twirled a self choreographed baton routine to Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
  • Allison Carlos, Thousand Islands: tap danced to an upbeat dance song “Le Boum Boum Boum”
  • Mackenzie Perpich, Cosmopolitan: sang a classical vocal song “If I Loved You”
  • Ashley Davis, Five Boroughs: performed a lyrical routine to Hiding Under Water, using a park bench as a prop
  • Nina Zesky, Heart of NY: performed a self choreographed acro jazz routine to “Feeling Good”


  • Onondaga County- Earlier in the season, Jessica sang more upbeat Broadway songs. They were good, and earned her Top 5 placements. However, this song was more of a sultry jazz tune, and truly highlighted both her vocal range and talent.
  • Central New York- Katelynn performed a very similar routine as the one at Miss Central New York, but with slight adjustments. Instead of the first 15 seconds facing the back, she turned front and made eye contact with the judges. The clogging was highly entertaining and extremely active, yet she did not show any signs of fatigue at the end.
  • Southern Tier- Cassie chose a great cut of the song that highlighted a high energy jazz routine, but also allowed the integration of some great jumps.

Evening Gown:

  • Willa Hahn, Erie Canal: a blue criss-cross top gown with ruffled mermaid bottom and open back
  • Emma Silen, NYS Fair: red strapless gown with heavily sequined top and adorable red bow in the back
  • Hilary Peckham, Triple Cities: a blue fit and,flare with sequined illusion neckline and silver accent belt
  • Jamie Hughes, Crown City: a purple wide-V mermaid with a very long train
  • Jamie Machia, Greater NY: a white wide V with low extension and open V back
  • Lauren Crandall, Upstate NY: a blue gown with asymmetric illusion swirls and gems on the back.
  • Kristina King, Miss Central Square Apple Festival:a red wide V similar to Jamie M’s
  • Kristen Stilwel, Manhattan: a velvet blue scoop neck an skinny straps
  • Desiree Wiley, Buffalo: a turquoise cap sleeve with sweetheart neckline
  • Kerisa Bonville, Finger Lakes: a strapless white peplum with sparkles hidden throughout
  • Katlyn Cohen, Staten Island: a one shoulder gown with black bottom and silver sparkles and nude-illusion bodice
  • Tracee Schiebel, Mohawk Valley: a black gown with open back and nude illusion accents on the sides
  • Anneliese Trust, Syracuse: red gown with super sparkly high neckline and cape-like overskirt at the waist
  • Baylee Simpson, Fulton County: a blue V with heavily sparkled illusion neckline and keyhole back

Favorite Gowns:

  • Erie Canal: Willa’s gown was unlike any other. It was fitted perfectly on the top, the ruffle mermaid tail were large and perfectly designed, and the top was extremely flattering.
  • Upstate New York: Lauren’s gown was also unique, with a shimmery jersey material, the asymmetric illusion top, and fitted skirt. Plus, she handmade matching earrings and customized the back with gems.


  • Crown City: Jamie’s gown had an extremely long train, and she handled it well. Coming down the stairs, the cape-like train flowed with ease, and she flipped with with flare.
  • Buffalo: When Desiree walked on the stage there was a “ohh” in the crowd. Even though there were many blue gowns, this turquoise was completely unique, and the neckline was very unique. The color was perfect for her skin tone, and she walked with extreme elegance.
  • Syracuse: Anneliese was extremely comfortable in her gown and let the skirt flow at the turns.

Preliminary Awards:


Blue Group Talent:($250 Scholarship and 10k In-Kind) Mackenzie Perpich, Miss Cosmopolitan

Gold Group Swimsuit: ($250 Scholarship) TIE Desiree Wiley, Miss Buffalo and Jamie Hughes, Miss Crown City


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