#TitleholderProblems — Time Management

An important part of balancing your daily life while prepping for a pageant is time management. But once the crown is on your head, it’s like the expectations double. Suddenly you are expected to fulfill more obligations than before. There is a subliminal competition between other titleholders- who attends the most events, who raises the most money, who travels the most miles. It can be overwhelming! And somehow you are still expected to sleep.

Being able to properly manage your time is a skill, and an art form. A lot of us rely on our cell phone’s calendars to remind us of events, but as a titleholder this is not enough. It is incredibly important to use a planner dedicated strictly to time management to ensure that everything is in one place, it easy to access, and doesn’t rely on a battery. Once you get the hang of a planner you will be able to attend your events without the stress of double booking, the looming anxiety that you missed something when you have a Saturday “off”, and overall a stress free day.

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Building an Effective Planner:

  • Color code events. If you have a job or school, highlight those events in blue. Fundraisers can be green. Community service is pink.
  • Make To-Do Lists. Use a sticky note with your daily “to-do” list for errands. Plan this out the night before a busy day, and stick in in your planner. Cross things off when you complete them. Anything you don’t finish can be moved over to the next day.
  • Account for travel time. When you have back to back events, don’t forget to include travel time between events.
  • Block off personal time. Set “black out” times for sleep, homework, and relaxation.
Which blogging platform is your favorite?!
Which blogging platform is your favorite?!

Pre-write and Schedule Blogs:

  • Decide in advance how you would like to blog. Weekly highlights? Blog post for every event? Blog post for current events related to your platform? Decide ahead of time, and include “blog day” in your planner.
  • Type out a template for blog posts highlighting upcoming events during an “off” day. Include the name of the event, the location, any networks or sponsors, and the organization it is supporting. Save the drafts. Then, on the day of the event, just add pictures and fine details, then post.
  • Begin planning a post 2 weeks before, and have a draft ready 1 week before. This way you never have to play catchup.


Set Alarms and Time Limits:

  • Whether you are sleeping, at an event, (hopefully not sleeping at an event), working on a blog, or doing homework, it is important not to let the time slip past you. Set time limits for how long you are dedicating to something, and use an alarm to keep you on track.
  • When working on homework, paperwork, or a blog post- use an alarm to help you stay focused. After an hour or more your brain will fry and you will be overwhelmed. Take time away to relax, or simply switch between activities to stay focused.

If You’re Early, You’re on Time…:

  • Whether it is attending a physical event, or submitting paperwork- always plan to be early. This will help to cover yourself for unseen circumstances.
  • Plan to arrive at events 10-15 minutes early. This will account for parking, finding the correct location, and getting debriefed when you arrive.
  • Plan to submit paperwork at least one day early. This will give you at least one more day to revise and make corrections. Use this time to let someone else look over your paperwork and check for mistakes!

The ability to multi-task is important, but in the end it is important to remember that you can’t do everything. As long as you are planning your day and week ahead of time, and doing your best to balance your time, you are ahead of the game. Stay focused, and let the time as your titleholder tick by.




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