Miss Thousand Islands 2016

The Miss Thousand Islands pageant is not only the longest consecutively run pageant in New York, but also the first pageant of the local season. The early pageant gives a full year of preparation for the state pageant and, more importantly, it allows titleholders to have nearly a full year as a local titleholder before potentially earning another full year as Miss New York.

Allison Carlos served an amazing reign as Miss Thousand Islands 2015. She spent her year advocating for youth in the foster care system, serving both as a respite and long term foster parent while balancing work, school, community service, and preparation. Allison was a Top 10 Finalist at Miss New York.

allison collage

The Miss Thousand Islands family, very close to the Miss Central New York directors, extended open arms to Katelynn Smith, Miss CNY 2015 to attend the event as a special guest. Unfortunately, the Miss CNY Organization made the difficult decision to dissolve following the 2015 year. This would, inadvertently, take away Katelynn’s option to crown a new successor and any farewell. Thankfully, the Miss TI Golden Sisterhood welcomed Katelynn to the pageant, and allowed her to wrap up her final year with style and elegance.
katelynn collage

This year, twelve beautiful ladies journeyed upstate to the Clayton Opera House to compete in the 51st Miss Thousand Islands Pageant. The contestant pool consisted of a balanced assortment of first timer locals and veterans, with talents ranging from vocalists and monologues to piano and dancers.

Pretty in Purple


  1. Chloe Charles
    • First time MAO
    • Miss Italia 2015
  2. Taylor Storey
    • First time MAO
  3. Madison Draper
    • First time MAO
  4. Kristina Blackstock
  5. Katie Beagle
    • First time MAO
    • Miss Irish Princess 2014
  6. Cedar Chambers
    • Miss Watertown’s OT 2015
  7. Casey Hughes
    • First time MAO
  8. Michaela Kenny
  9. Ashley Loggins
  10. Katy Michael
    • 2nd RU at Miss Thousand Islands 2012
  11. Kelly Hoffman
  12. Emma Silen
    • Miss NYS Fair 2015


Crowning:Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.12.47 PM

Miss Thousand Islands 2016:

10435873_893013260736017_7580671967876962705_nCongratulations Kristina Blackstock! Welcome to the Golden Sisterhood (Miss Thousand Islands Local Legacy) and Miss New York Class of 2016!


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