Miss Bluebird 2016

The Miss Bluebird pageant held its inaugural pageant this year, serving as a statewide open for young women across the state. Like other autumn pageants, holding it early in the season gives a full year of preparation for the state pageant and, more importantly, it allows titleholders to have nearly a full year as a local titleholder before potentially earning another full year as Miss New York.

This year, ten beautiful ladies journeyed upstate to Syracuse, New York to compete in the 1st Miss Bluebird Pageant. The contestant list consisted of an assortment of first time MAO contestants, former Outstanding Teens “aging up”, and former titleholders, with talents ranging from vocalists and monologues to hoop dance and instrumentalists.


  1. Meghan Cahill
    • Talent: Krav Maga Mixed Martial Arts
    • Platform: Man I Feel Like a Woman: Empowering Women through Self Defense
    • Pageant Experience:
      • Miss Altamont Fair 2015
      • Albany Tulip Festival Court
  2. Abby Hoag
    • Talent: Dance
    • Platform: Preventing Teenage Suicide
    • Pageant Experience:
      • Repeat Contestant
  3. Lauren Schwartzberg
    • Talent: Monologue
    • Platform: Mental Illness is Not a Character Flaw
    • Pageant Experience:
      • NAM NY National Top 5
  4. Catherine Manett
    • Talent: Hoop Dance
    • Platform: Promoting Literacy
    • Pageant Experience:
      • Miss Long Island Teen USA 2012
      • Miss East Coast American Nation 2014
      • Miss Queens 2015
  5. Michaela Kenny
  6. Abbey Naumowicz
  7. Jillian Larson
    • Talent: Vocal
    • Platform: Be Smart and Keep Art
    • Pageant Experience:
      • Miss Finger Lakes’ Outstanding Teen 2015, 3rd RU
  8. Gabrielle Walter
    • Talent: Vocal
    • Platform: One Less: Uncovering Sexual Assault on College Campuses
    • Pageant Experience:
  9. Amanda Abdagic
  10. Alia Bajorek
    • Talent: Ballet en Pointe
    • Platform: Families Impacted by Breast Cancer
    • Pageant Experience:
      • Miss Rochester’s Outstanding Teen 2014, 4th Runner Up at MNYOT
      • Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen 2015

Remember a few years back when the NYC Local had publicly announced they would be crowning Miss New York City and Miss Cosmopolitan, but at the last minute were able to crown a third titleholder? Deja-vu, the Miss Bluebird pageant announced late afternoon on the day of the pageant that there would be two girls going home with crowns.


Coincidence? We think not. ;)

Between the announcement of he second title and the crowning announcement, some tried to guess what the title would be. The local was formed on the concept of being a true statewide open, where the winner could represent her region each year, so it could be assumed the second title would be able to be represented throughout the state as well.

Miss Beaver? The state bird is the Bluebird, and the state mammal is the Beaver. NY already has Empire Rose, the state flower;

Miss Sugar Maple? The state tree is the sugar maple, but there’s already the unaffiliated Maple Queen system

We decided the new title was probably going to be Miss Excelsior. Excelsior is the state motto afterall, which stands for ever upward in latin. (No surprise ever upward in pageantry has been the Pageant File’s slogan the past 4 years. Not that the new title was chosen based on TPF slogan, just two great ideas from the same State Motto.) The Miss Bluebird Org foreshadowed this addition when their slogan subtly changed from “Soaring to Victory” to “Soaring Ever Upward”.



Miss Bluebird: Gabrielle Walter and Miss Excelsior: Jillian Larson


Miss Bluebird’s Outstanding Teen: Deayza-Marie Peebles

Miss Excelsior’s Outstanding Teen: Amanda St. Amour




  1. Your details are completely wrong. You call yourself a pageant professional? You were in a different state. Get your facts straight before you type them.

    • Thank you for your feedback! We do our best to report only the facts, but mistakes do happen. If you have any corrections feel free to let us know and a revision will be made.

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