Miss Fonda Fair 2015

The Fonda Fair recently hosted its 30th Miss Fonda Fair pageant on opening night to choose ambassadors of the fair for the week and year. Contestants first compete in a private interview with the judges. That evening they return to the stage for two separate pageants. First, the two younger categories compete in Sunday’s Best beauty and an on-stage speech, the scores are tabulated and the Princesses are crowned. Then the two older categories return and do the same- evening gown and on-stage speech. These speeches tell the judges about the contestants and how they plan on improving the community if they win. It is very similar to a verbal platform statement.

Some of the judges were even former queens- Miss Fonda Fair 1985 and Miss Fonda Fair 2005!


Junior Princess: Emma Rose Butler Princess: Carolyn Rose Cranker

Junior Miss: Caitlin Neri Miss: Linda Conti


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