Miss Queens 2016

The Miss Queens pageant held its second pageant this year, serving as a local opportunity for young women in the Queens Borough and Long Island. Like other autumn pageants, like Thousand Islands and Bluebird, holding the pageant early in the season gives a full year of preparation for the state pageant. It also allows titleholders to have nearly a full year as a local titleholder before potentially earning another full year as Miss New York.

This year eight beautiful ladies (and a handful of Princess Prospectives) made their way to the Secret Theater to compete in the 2nd Miss Queens Pageant.



  1. Kendal Collins
  2. Lauren Schwartzberg
  3. Sydney King
  4. Karen Shoker
  5. Paulina Renda
  6. Janette Sheldrick
  7. Alexandra Lefttridge
  8. Li Ling Rivera


  • Interview Award: Li Ling Rivera
  • Lifestyle and Fitness Award: Lauren Schwartzberg
  • Talent Award: Li Ling Rivera
  • Evening Gown Award: Li Ling Rivera
  • People’s Choice: Kendal Collins
  • Spirit Award sponsored by Pageantry Magazine: Li Ling Rivera


  • 1st Runner Up: Lauren Schwartzberg
  • 2nd Runner Up: Kendal Colins

Miss Queens 2016: Li Ling Rivera



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