Titleholder Interview: Li Ling Rivera


Who is Li Ling Rivera?

Currently Miss Queens 2016

PageantFile Content: Bio | Miss Queens Pageant |

Fundraising: Miss America for Kids


Why did you begin competing in pageants? I have always been involved with public speaking. I have been a part of the National Forensics League for several years and strongly believe in the power of a single voice. For years I have recited original orations and spoken extemporaneously on many issues I believe we face in America – however, I have been speaking to the wrong audience. I began competing in pageants to help gain awareness to my platform and to connect to and reach out to my target audience, the future of this Nation, Young America.

What do you hope to gain, other than a title? My ultimate goal in all my aspirations is the obtainment of knowledge. Every single person I interact with, every single event I attend, every single movement I participate in will teach me something new about myself and/or the world around me. I hope to grow, to teach and to prosper in my endeavors, but most importantly I hope to experience and to learn. With a combination of the knowledge I have and the knowledge I will gain, I hope to change the way children look at their education. I hope to inspire Young America to express themselves with their most valuable instruments – their voices.

queensWhy is your platform unique? My platform was created before my initial entrance into the Miss America Organization. My platform is the foundation of who I am and how I see the youths in our Nation. I want to inspire Young America to aspire to have the admirable qualities of the women who represent the Miss America Organization. Titleholders must be strong, confident, intellectual, well-spoken, and inspirational. I want all children to understand their potential, capabilities, and to reach for their dreams.

Will you be attending Miss America this year? I definitely will! I have met so many beautiful women, inside and out – and I want to support all the talented, intelligent, and beautiful titleholders on their journeys to Miss America.

What appearance or service event would you like to do most before the end of your reign? Before the end of my reign, I want to participate in many events and also bring awareness to many causes and services. I was only crowned yesterday, but I am already looking forward to the soon approaching Alzheimer’s walk and Kidney Walk. However, before the end of my reign I hope to have organized many local speech tournaments in my local community. These speech tournaments will give youths the opportunity to create original orations and share them amongst a supportive audience. I hope to give many children the chance to gain confidence and knowledge.

12025584_10207683012058533_1364483697_nWhich is your favorite phase of competition? My favorite phase of competition is the Talent phase. During this phase we are able to see the essence of each performer’s character and their passions portrayed on a stage. I love seeing titleholders share a part of their lives and hearts with the audience. Of course, I love reciprocating the honor!

What advice do you have for a girl who thinks she can’t compete in pageants? There is no reason any girl should think they cannot compete in pageants. Pageants are not about winning – they are channels that help young women to grow in confidence, service, and intellect. Judges and contestants are always supportive. You are all beautiful, and you will gain experience and knowledge that will aid you in the world outside of pageants.

Why should you be Miss America? I would like to be Miss America because I know I can make a difference for young children in their emerging confidence and education. I want to be Miss America because I truly believe serving others is the fundamental base to serving oneself.


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